Just the moment we remind people that exit polling isn't really used anymore because it is too revealing about the fraud that's been going on with electronic voting and other illegalities, the question of the difference between exit polling and what the election officials are claiming in New Hampshire have raised eyebrows. ("Chris Matthews: Raw EXIT POLL Data 'Indicated Significant Victory' for Obama in NH: 'Was Ahead an Average of 8 Points, Even in Our Own Exit Polls'," by Brad Friedman. BradBlog. January 10, 2008.)

It is good that this issue is being raised again. Is Chris Matthews going to be allowed to continue?

Ever since the 2000 presidential election, exit polling has shown that officially release vote tallies are off and that elections have been tampered with. Exit polling was down to a very solid track record of predicting winners until 2000 when George W. Bush's dirty-trick artists stole the election from Al Gore and then did the same thing in 2004 concerning John Kerry.

Dennis Kucinich has asked for a recount and that has been granted by New Hampshire. Will they do a good job?

Where are the Democrats calling for a crash program to outfit the entire country with paper ballots and readers before the 2008 election? Where have they been since 2000? You haven't heard much about it. Why not? Why were they so docile about 2000 and 2004? Why weren't they bothered by what happened again in Florida in 2006 when one of their own had a U.S. Congressional race stolen from her?

The system doesn't work. It requires honest people.

Tom Usher

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