Does he have an interesting combination of positions? Are they real?

George W. Bush says the U.S. should have stopped the Russians from having Poland at the end of WWII. ("Bush Attempts to Tarnish FDR's Foreign Policy Image," by Byron Williams. CommonDreams. May 14, 2005.)

He also says the U.S. should have bombed at least the railroad tracks leading to Auschwitz. ("Bush's Auschwitz Apology Just More Hypocrisy," by BATMANCHESTER. Newsvine. January 12, 2008.)

He also now says that the Palestinians should be compensated for the loss of their homes in Israel. ("Bush calls on Israel to end Palestinian occupation: Uncharacteristically blunt comments come at the conclusion of whirlwind trip to the West Bank," by Mark Mackinnon. Globe and Mail. January 11, 2008.)

"Chief rabbi thanks Bush for 'war against Iraq'," by Matthew Wagner. JPost.com. Jan 10, 2008.

Is George W. Bush changing? Is he just taking advantage of being at the end of his term when the Jewish Lobby can't hurt him nearly as much? Are they afraid to say too much against him since he's pressing the Arabs and Sunnis against the Shiites and Iran? Where's the apology on behalf of his family for their history of aiding the Nazi regime? Where are the false-Zionists complaining about the Bush family's history and demanding such an apology?

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