The United States has been hyper-capitalists to be hyper-imperial in military, cultural, and socioeconomic terms. It has engaged in numerous military campaigns, obviously. It has engaged in untold clandestine operations. It has done many highly immoral and unethical acts for the sake of its dominance. These things have been done to force open and to keep open markets and sources of materials and labor to exploit.

Now that the American people are experiencing a forced leveling of all but the top of the upper economic class and by the most hyper of the hyper-capitalists, attitudes are changing amongst the other classes of people. It is a slow process, but the movement may be seen by those who care to look and to open their eyes.

The people of America had been supporting American hyper-capitalism, because they were duped into selfishness. They were sold the idea that they were exceptionally good. In fact, the American people are often reachable, but that fact has been manipulated so that what is evil about worldly Empire has been presented so as to appear good to them.

The American Empire began on the very edge of the Atlantic Ocean. It viewed all the land to the west as there for the taking. So it did. In order to insure that Americans would reap the lion's share, the colonists broke away from the British Empire. While the domestic aspect was being fully developed as a collaboration of state and business with mixed reactions on social and religious grounds, many in the nation had their sights set on further expansion into territories on other continents already mapped out, claimed, and inhabited in the European sense. The entire Western Hemisphere was declared off-limits by the United States to all other imperial powers in the world. The Spanish Empire had been hugely involved in the exploration and Spanish-European acculturation of much of the Americas. To further solidify American decision-making supremacy over the hemisphere, America, via a false-flag operation against its own battleship, the USS Maine, sunk in Havana harbor by an internal explosion, created the Spanish-American War against the remaining shell of the fallen Spanish Empire to wrest away Spain's remaining colonies.

All the while, American enterprise was creating the most supply-and-demand driven domestic economy in the world. It was painted at home as non-interventionist and non-colonial for the most part. In the Western Hemisphere, it used its military to insure the dominance of American big business over the indigenous and mixed populations to its south. It installed dictators and kept them propped up with gunboat diplomacy and direct military action. It also intervened outside the hemisphere when it felt that its position would be threatened in the longer run in the competition that was and remains for global imperialism. Many of the European nations were active imperialists. They were competing all about the globe for colonial possessions to exploit.

Europe's internal wars ravaged Europe. The U.S. jumped into European wars to, among other things, side with those with whom its leaders were most closely genetically related, profit from war industrialization, help further weaken rivals, insure that no European victor would turn toward the Western Hemisphere or other American-controlled markets or sources of raw materials, and to come out the only country to avoid invasion or direct attack. As part of this overall strategy, the U.S. also goaded the Imperial Japanese into war.

During the 1950's, the decade immediately following the last great European war (World War II), the United States was at its strongest domestically. There were still numerous people living in poverty; however, the working class was for the first time the bulk of the lower-middle class. Single-earner families in the aggregate had their greatest relative purchasing power at that time relative to the rest of American history. It has been downhill ever since. It is that fact that is sinking in with the American people.

Once the domestic supply of raw material started to become exhausted, once the strength of the American workers afforded them a seat at the decision-making table, once environmental considerations and health and safety and other domestic quality-of-life considerations were driven to the fore, the hyper-capitalists looked outwardly more than ever before. That's when market globalization was marketed to the American consumer. At the same time, the very socioeconomic policies and practices that had brought greater equity and quality-of-life considerations to the fore were still seen as threatening to the hyper-capitalists. They embarked on a huge marketing campaign to alter the perceptions of the masses so that the majority of Americans would turn back much more so to fractured selfish interests. This worked to the advantage of the capitalists who were suppressing and oppressing peoples around the planet and who had their sights set on total global dominance no longer as Americans but rather as global corporatists absent the union sector.

Union members were duped and shot themselves in the foot when they supported Richard Nixon over George McGovern. It was the so-called hardhat era where a front of nationalism trumped up as patriotism by the global corporatists in turn trumped the class struggle. For their loyalty, the unions, as planned by the libertarians, have been systematically trounced by successive Republican and even Democratic administrations.

What have the global corporatists brought? America is a consumer society rather than a producer society. As a consequence, America went from the greatest lending nation to the greatest debtor nation within a single generation. This was done expressly for two main purposes. First, U.S. workers and small farms and businesses had to be weakened and destroyed as much as possible. Second, the rest of the world had to be brought to heel for maximum exploitation.

This was done for consolidation for the sakes of the richest of the rich, who went from earning four or five times the average income to now earning a multiple of the average income that hadn't been seen since before the Great Crash of 1929 that ushered in the Great Depression.

This has all been rigged by those behind the central banks in America and Europe. They are those who control the currency and hence interest rates, borrowing and lending, credit expansion and contraction, booms and busts, speculative bubbles, foreclosures and bankruptcies, unemployment, homelessness, hunger, wars, and all the rest. They control the government. They govern. They rule. It isn't a democracy — limited, representative, pluralistic, or otherwise. There is no government of, by, or for the people. That's an illusion kept alive by those very bankers and international financiers behind the private central banks and currencies. They do it for the sake of consolidation, for monopoly. They do it to come to control everything privately, as their own solely owned personal property. The Earth is theirs and theirs alone. It's their sole, private property, because they are selfish enough to grab it from everyone else. It's called evil. It is none of yours. You belong to them. In their eyes, you are their property. You too are merely a commodity. You are only as valuable to them as they see you in the strictly commercial sense. You are expendable. You are only the product of their cold, calculated, cost-benefit analysis.

Now, immediately when one speaks of bankers and international financiers, operant conditioning is to kick in. The American is to automatically, without thinking, take those terms for code designed to cover racist attitudes. This is accomplished by the marketers by exclusively associating anti-private banking and anti-taxes and the like with racists, many of whom do in fact argue against banking and taxing policies and practices and do blame others, notably Jews, on an ethnically bigoted basis. The racists have a huge selfish agenda that they often seek to keep masked. The fact though that ethnic bigots point to other ethnic bigots and racists by no means constitutes a refutation of the fact that international bankers and international financiers and globalists of that ilk are doing wrong. Wrong is wrong regardless of who is leveling the charge. For a quick article about how this coded-language idea is used to distract from the real issues of greed, violence, depravity, racism, ethnic bigotry, and the rest, read, "Who are They?" Miniver Cheevy. Last accessed: Wednesday, January 16, 2008. That article cuts both ways. While racists and ethnic bigots do tone it down to outsiders, the Jewish Anti-Defamation League does lump together everyone who says banker and financier. That in itself is a form of unethical discrimination. The ethnic bigots don't own the terms.

What is to be done?

Well, the globalists capitalists would have you believe that you must work within the system (even though they have the system rigged and locked up, which they hide from the spiritually blind). Therefore, no matter how noble and lofty your motives and goals, your actions within the system are controlled and manipulated to assure that your outcome never prevails. Lofty and noble ends are unselfish always. The real means to that end lie out from under the system controlled by the selfish, who are the hyper-globalist capitalists. One must ally with others who know this and together they must act in concert to be in the world offering the change while remaining not of the world, meaning not working for or exclusively within or under the currently dominant system of the unrighteous usurers.

Now, can the system just make war on you? Yes. That's exactly what it did to Jesus Christ. What do you want though? Do you believe that this life is all there is or ever will be for you, your soul? If so, the only rules there are, are the ones that are forced by those willing to force them. It's a dog-eat-dog world. Might makes right. If on the other hand, you are conscious of the fact that you exist due to a higher conscience and consciousness, consult with yourself and God about that for which it is worth self-sacrificing in the here and now.

What the powers that be (the bankers) want is for the people to wait too long to be able to do anything about the situation. Understand that there are hundreds of millions who are willing to do anything the bankers tell them to do. They are willing, because they are often duped into thinking that doing so is truly righteous, which it is not, but also because they are conditioned to selfish, violent, coercive, evil interest.

  • The bankers, they think, feed them
  • The bankers are the providers
  • All things flow from the bankers
  • The bankers create wealth
  • The bankers bring forth bounty
  • The bankers are gods

This is why Jesus said that you can not serve both God and mammon (money).

By the way, it is important here to clarify that mammon as Jesus used the term is not as the laissez faire, Libertarian Capitalists define it. It is not simply confined to the mundane issue of weights and measures. That's a ruse. It is used by Jesus synonymously with money, period. The whole system of money is not needed or wanted or used in the Highest, in the real Heaven. The Libertarian Capitalists (a misnomer) attempt to take control of the definition of many terms all to further their mammon worship, as Jesus meant "mammon worship." They falsely define freedom, liberty, property, democracy, money, sovereignty, communism, coercion, and many other terms. Just read what their leaders have had to say.

  • Friedrich von Hayek (classical liberal laissez faire capitalism)
  • Margaret Thatcher (von Hayek disciple)
  • Milton Friedman (monetarism; Chicago School)
  • Ludwig von Mises (laissez faire; gold standard; Austrian School)
  • Murray Rothbard {anarchy (no state); capitalism; gold standard}
  • Ronald Reagan (laissez faire; military Keynesianism)
  • Ayn Rand (objectivism: selfishness and atheism)
  • Alan Greenspan (objectivism; monetarism)
  • Ron Paul (von Mises disciple)
  • Robert Nozick (state minimalism)
  • Cato Institute
  • Reason magazine
  • John Birch Society

Not one used or uses the New Commandment as a guide. Not one promotes or promoted the Sermon on the Mount or the Greatest Commandment or Second Great Commandment or the Golden Rule.

They are never Christian, as they do not know what defines the Christian.

The truth is that the bankers bring forth artificially created scarcity. It is God who brings forth the real bounty. That bounty extends way beyond the limitation placed upon the senses by so-called science (another misnomer). Jesus perceived God.

Not Magical Thinking

In addition, Jesus brought forth through God and God brought forth through Jesus. The miracles are termed "magical thinking" by the atheist materialists, many of whom call themselves scientists. The miracles of Jesus would be magical except we know the source is God and hence we credit God. The source of magic is either unknown or is credited to evil, personified as Satan. In that latter case, it is termed black magic. "Black" here is to be understood as darkness as opposed to the light of Jesus where light is truth and darkness is falsehood. The light is wholesome. The darkness is fracturing. The light is miracles. The darkness is magic. God is unselfishness. Satan is selfishness.

This train of thought goes on and on through the entire language. In the end and taken as a whole, it constitutes the word. When filled out, it is the story of existence.

So, what are we to do?

Frankly, we must bring forth the system that is the opposite of that of the usurers, the bankers. We are to bring forth the system where money isn't needed. We are to do that without falling into the trap of Old Testament thinking. For instance, just because polygamy and slavery were allowed in the Old Testament does not mean that they are allowed under the New Testament. In fact, they are not. Only by misinterpretation of the thrust of the message of Jesus do people buy into the hypocrisies of the Old Testament. No one could possibly truly follow Jesus and have slaves in the mundane Old Testament sense.

Jesus said if one wished to be perfect (remember Jesus said in his Sermon on the Mount that we are to be perfect as God is perfect), one was to sell all and give it to the poor and then follow him. One was to forsake everything (other than God) without looking back. How could one then own mundane slaves without being a huge hypocrite? Is owning a slave practicing the Golden Rule? Of course it is not. Understand here that following Jesus to God necessitates returning to save, as Jesus did. It isn't mundane forsaking. Jesus didn't forsake anyone in the divine sense. The people forsook him; yet, he still forgave them their ignorance, their unenlightenment, their wrong spirits. Also, the whole spirit of fidelity and becoming one flesh and being as harmless as the doves and not being as the fornicators and the rest calls out for monogamy. Polygamy is wholly inconsistent with the rest of his message.

Selling everything to give to the poor right then fit with the coming wrath that did in fact come in the form of the Romans as prophesied by Jesus and within that generation. Time was of the essence, as it always is in one sense or another.

Right now, we are faced with a different time frame and a different degree and type of spirit. We see the proverbial red sky in the morning and can read the signs of the times; however, the general population is much farther from the receptivity of Jesus's generation. The bankers and their hired scientists and intellectuals have seen to it that the people are conditioned to dismiss as nonsense and impossible the miracles of Jesus. Therefore, while the disciples' ranks could swell dramatically and thousands could gather then who didn't doubt in the least the power of God, such is not the case today. The times are darker, very much so, even the darkest ever.

The people were seeking the Messiah spirit then. They were actively seeking. Today, they are not. Today, people are generally unbelievers. They may mouth belief, but when faith is really required, they don't have it. That's why there are no mass miracles as there were in the time Jesus walked the Earth. That's why the people don't live communally contrary to how souls live in Heaven. It isn't because miracles can't or don't happen. It is purely due to the sheer immensity of hardheartedness relative to Jesus's time. After all, capitalism is cold, hard, and small hearted, so much so that there is no warmth or softness in it at all. It lacks heart so much that it hasn't any. Think about it.

What mercy does capitalism, per se, have? Capitalism never reacts out of the spirit of compassion. Capitalism always reacts out of the spirit of selfish interest, by definition. If helping someone else will bring selfish gain, then the capitalists might see his or her way to helping. However, it isn't real helping. It's false-hearted helping. Understand that the flipside is also true with the capitalists. If hurting someone else will bring selfish gain, as the capitalist defines "gain," the pure capitalist deliberately, knowingly, and invariably will harm the other. That's evil. It's why the capitalists torture, break, main, murder, and debase people as a business. It's all a profit center for them.

Of course, it isn't real profit. They gain the world but lose their souls. It's a net loss.

Jesus said we are to feed the hungry and do so many other things. At the same time, we are to be opposed to serving mammon. Also, we are to enter into each other's labors, meaning we are to work collectively via the division of labor while sharing all. How do we do all that what with the coming artificially created economic hardship? We peel off what we are able from our labors and put it to the collective cause of feeding free of charge. To this end, the Church has its Christian Commons Project™.

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