KABUL, Afghanistan — There is little to no freedom of speech or press in Afghanistan. There is no freedom of religion.

It is being reported that a 23-year-old student/journalist, Sayad Parwez Kambaksh, has been given a death sentence for printing something off the Internet and taking it to Balkh University to discuss with faculty and fellow students. The trial was closed to the public and Parwez's family. He was allowed no legal representation. The trial was under a three-judge, Hanafi-law (orthodox Sunni) panel, allowed under Article 130 of the Afghan constitution. He was sentenced to die for violating the tenets of Islam and humiliating Islam. ("Afghan Journalist Sentenced to Death," by Amir Shah. The Associated Press. January 23, 2008. Also.)

The U.S. invaded Afghanistan. It took over. It's still occupying the country. Then why is that law in place? In Iraq, the U.S. didn't hesitate to decree whatever laws it wanted. Why is Afghanistan different? The Church doesn't hold with invasions, but the fact that Afghanistan is occupied by the U.S. and is a colonial possession yet the U.S. doesn't require freedom of speech, press, and religion, is very telling about original motives for going into Afghanistan. It said it went in against al Qaeda, but it airlifted al Qaeda and Pakistani fighters out of Afghanistan and allowed a long convoy of cars and trucks to leave the country. It has allowed and encouraged the heroin trade. It is simply most interested in oil and oil pipeline deals, keeping the nations of the regions down relative to Israel, and making and keeping them all non-nuclear. It is not about freedom and democracy.

It is still all about the Project for the New American Century per Paul Wolfowitz's neoconservative Defense Planning Guidance of 1992 Pentagon report that is based purely upon the Platonic so-called noble lie, atheism, Machiavellianism, Hobbism, Straussianism, etc. It's all a cover for the global Plutocracy. It isn't helpful or useful.

Who's worse, the Muslim Fundamentalists or the Machiavellians? How far will the Machiavellians push things to create pretexts for taking whatever they want from everyone else? How long will freedom of speech, the press, and religion last in the U.S. under these people? How much freedom have we ever really had and how much has already been taken away via mergers, acquisitions, and consolidation under global corporations?

Remember, already more than half of the one hundred largest economies in the world are corporations. They want everything privatized. The Muslims don't. It's against their religion. That's one of the unspoken reasons the Machiavellian capitalist hate them. Usury is against their religion too. The Western international bankers hate that. They want to corner the market. They have anyone neutralized or killed who stands in their way.

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