Economic Stimulus Should Target Poorest, Criminal Probes Should Follow Trail to the Top

With fuel prices still rising and housing still falling off a cliff, the economy is going to need more than a 125-basis-point interest-rate reduction ("Rate cuts consign gradualism to history," by Krishna Guha. Financial Times. January 30, 2008) and a meager $150 billion stimulus package ("Paulson says Senate stimulus plan too complex," by David Lawder. Reuters. January 31, 2008).

It doesn't matter that housing prices have fallen in terms of inflation versus deflation ("Fed attacks in the face of uncertainty," Financial Times. January 31, 2008) when people are being laid off or hit by foreclosures and all the basic necessities are going up in price.

They are going at it all wrong, but of course, that's intentional. What people should be asking for is for the poorest of the poor to be given the infusion of financial help. Helping the most those who have been worst off the longest is the best approach. At the same time, no one should be left behind.

Also, the people looking into wrong-doing will fail forever to correct the problem. ("FBI Widens Net Around Subprime Industry," by Jane Sassen. Business Week. January 31, 2008.) What they won't do is follow the trail to the top where the first decisions were made to harm the lower classes for the further gain of those who are already astronomically wealthy. ("New York may use potent law vs mortgage banks: report." Reuters. January 30, 2008.) The people need to realize that those who control the central banks and largest corporations deliberately caused the financial bust.

The people need to realize that the libertarian, objectivist, capitalists system (advocated by the tobacco and corporate funded Cato Institute; Ludwig von Mises Institute; Ron Paul) is a trick against them ("Critiques Of Libertarianism," by Mike Huben, editor, and his highly underrated blog). It is the method for choking the definition of God. And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful. Mark 4:19.

This world means the status quo that is, among other things, capitalism. The deceitfulness of riches is an expression that is nearly ignored as if there is no truth in it. Riches here also means the status quo conception. It doesn't mean here the richness of all ships rising with the tide, which I advocate. The lusts of other things means everything that is ultimately harmful (selfish where self is not in God and God within). Choke the word is exactly what capitalism does. Being of the freely giving and sharing spirit, doing no harm, being only beneficial for all is the real spirit of God. Becometh unfruitful is what is happening constantly under the spirit of selfishness. The fruit of selfishness is always a net loss. The problem with seeing that is a matter of the proper versus improper definition of ultimate (eternal) gain versus loss.

To be clear here, we aren't advocating punishment upon necessary exposure. We are advocating repentance out of a working conscience.

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