If the rush to biofuels continues, more and more people are going to change over from growing food to growing fuel. They are going to do everything they can to maximize their short-term profits at the long-term expense of the planet. They will do what ever they can to thwart laws and movements to conserve and enhance forests. They will continue trying to clear-cut rain forests. They will increase the deserts of the world.

Look at the general population that supports biofuels such as corn. Most of those people have been traditionally against environmentalism. In general, they still are against environmentalism. That speaks volumes about corn as a biofuel. It's a red flag that everyone should see clearly.

Many, many so-called conservative, Republicans are for raising corn as a biofuel. However, about half of the people registered as Republicans don't even believe global warming ought to be a top issue. That's because they are not as concerned about the welfare of others as they are about themselves and the short-term, short-sighted welfare of their immediate kith and kin. That's anti-New Commandment. It's anti-Golden Rule. It's antichrist. It's anti-Jesus and anti-God. It's pro-evil. Think about it.

This rush to biofuels is going to make things worse for the poor and hungry. It's going to make global warming worse, not better. ("Study: Ethanol May Add to Global Warming," by H. Josef Hebert. Associated Press. February 08, 2008.)

The last people to trust are the greedy.

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