Only about a quarter of Republicans (27%) say that providing health insurance to the uninsured should be a top priority, down 17 points from January 2007.

(Source: Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, conducted Jan. 9-13 among 1,515 adults; "Election-Year Economic Ratings Lowest Since '92: An Even More Partisan Agenda Greets Bush's Final State of the Union." January 24, 2008.)

To hell with the poor is what this says. Who cares about the poor even when they speak rightly about gross injustices that tempt them?

A year ago, global warming was the lowest-ranking agenda item for Republicans of 23 issues mentioned; just 23% viewed it as a top priority. This year, it has fallen even further — just 12% of Republicans cite global warming as a top priority, less than half the proportion naming the next lowest rated issue (27% for providing health insurance to the uninsured).

In the face of such numbers, most Republicans still have the nerve to call themselves Christians.

We aren't saying though that the coercive, secular system is the right or legitimate system of governing.

Republicans are more likely than Democrats to name immigration, terrorism and national security as the biggest problems.

Immigration is a top issue for the selfish, the racist, the ethnically bigoted. The way to deal with immigration is love. It requires the ability to put oneself in another person's shoes. It requires showing mercy on others before you have a close, personal brush with whatever those others are suffering. Republicans are great ones for only caring about a specific issue when it has hit home. It's why Jesus said that people have to receive stripes that are proportionate.

Terrorism and national security as top issue speaks to the continued the wrong-headed evil-Empire building rather than addressing the legitimate grievances. It speaks of continuing to just take from others and to build walls to keep them from being made whole again.

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