When the rich aristocracy that rules this planet is threatened, they use human-passed law to go after those they label as enemies. If their competition does the slightest thing that verges on getting by on a technicality or can't come up with proof (often negative proof — that is proving they aren't doing something), those plutocrats in government come down on them like a ton of bricks. When the shoe is on the other foot, however, and those plutocrats are supposed to produce records that they are sworn to maintain, those records just always conveniently disappear. No one has the power to hold the super-rich to account. They are above the very law they use against everyone else.

Time after time, emails, tapes, and other records just disappear. However, when the rich want to dig up the dirt on an enemy, they don't seem very often to then misplace the evidence they find.

This is the same thing as when the ultra-rich hold their private meetings and don't want the contents leaked. However when the government is supposed to be secretive, it leaks like a sieve, as if that's not intentional to spread distortions to deceive.

("U.S. loses prison camp records of bin Laden's driver," by Jane Sutton. Reuters. February 7, 2008.)

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