The CIA is in the business of lying. That's what they do for a living. The current head of the CIA was in charge of the illegal domestic dragnet of telephone and Internet traffic when he was heading up the NSA. He even blatantly lied to the American people about Constitutional protections in one of his press conferences. How can anyone trust him?

The CIA practices the dark arts that include deception layered upon deception, ad infinitum. The U.S. military is also built upon deception. It's how they fight when frontal assault with massive force is not seen as feasible worldwide and all at once.

If you believe Abu Ghraib was an aberration rather than exactly what the sinister ones have been doing and teaching around the world for decades and centuries and even millennia, you're just not informed.

If you believe that the U.S. stopped at waterboarding and only three times at that, you are extremely gullible and naive at best. You are seriously under informed. You need to read more history that exposes U.S. atrocities. You have forgotten, or never knew of, the U.S. military whistle blowers who exposed the many illegal and monstrous things done to others by the U.S. military.

Look, bombing the Hell out of civilian men, women, and children and using white phosphorous on them isn't done by humane types. That's what the U.S. military did in Iraq (Fallujah).

The killing, maiming, and torturing must stop with somebody. Why fall to the spirit of Satan and torture people? Your soul will only reap what Satan sows.

Why are people so unwilling to live as Jesus Christ? Why are there so many people so ready to maim, torture, and slaughter others in the name of their own selfishness? How can those souls ever expect to rise?

If you think that waterboarding isn't torturous, you don't understand that it crosses that line onto the dark side. It is only the tip of the iceberg. As soon as that line is crossed, all sorts of other evils are right there tempting.

People torture others, because they themselves have been abused and lost their souls. They have been broken. They are damaged (their brain matter) and not pursuing repentance. Bullying and abusing makes people sick, not strong. It causes depression and anxiety. In the extreme, it leads to schizophrenia and even sociopathy, what is now being termed antisocial behavior. Well, antisocial used to refer to people who didn't mix. We're talking about consciencelessness here though. Some people who don't mix have a highly developed sense of conscience. Let's not confuse the two.

The problem with people is that they lack compassion. They don't have a working conscience. They rather get a sick enjoyment (a warped sense of power) by doing to others what has been done to them in one form or another. They are getting back at the world and humanity. They are doing the Golden Rule in reverse. They are backwards and need to see the light and straighten out.

Tom Usher

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