It is being said that 5.4 million people have died do to the war in the Congo. I've written before about the crisis there, but news is scant. It doesn't get coverage from the American mainstream press. They aren't interested since the dying are Black Africans and the U.S. isn't contesting the raw materials there against the traditional colonial powers by corporate proxies. They've already established their contracts with the kickbacks to the leadership of Congo.

The news that does get out is horrific. Gangs just run rampant raping and killing. The indigenous people are just kicked around and shoved off the land for the sake of the mining corporations. This doesn't bother the rich at all.

In fact, they want the Blacks to die, to decrease the artificially created surplus population — artificially counted as such due to created scarcity where it would not otherwise exist.

Tom Usher

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