George W. Bush calls for a stimulus package (way too little), making permanent the deep tax cuts for the ultra-rich who did not plow the funds into productive investments but rather lavished themselves, and for increased military spending, all in the face of a coming global depression if nothing is done. Why?

He is doing it to break the middle class. He is doing it to destroy federal programs. He is doing it to wreck Social Security and Medicare and all the vestiges of the New Deal that brought the nation out of the Great Depression and returned it to pre-crash GDP levels before WWII hit the U.S. That's not to say that manufacturing arms for Britain before the U.S. entered the war didn't eventually impact the economy.

Bush is trying his best to return the U.S. to the Gilded Age of the Robber Barons. It is a recipe for disaster. He's playing with fire, and his advisors falsely imagine that they can keep a lid on things. If they think the masses will never swarm the rich when the masses become hungry, they are really dim-witted. The mob will tare them to pieces.

Tom Usher

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