The United States is a demon-ocracy of, by, and for the rich who literally owed the nation in their view. They believe it is an aristocracy, meaning they believe by virtue of their having stolen the inheritance of Jesus Christ, they have proven their worth and superiority. They spend billions convincing others that their system is a meritocracy; however, they define theft and twisting as meritorious. It is impossible for anyone not hand picked by the rich to break through.

...if you don't have a whole lot of money by now, even if you did surprisingly well in Iowa and New Hampshire, it's pretty tough to suddenly compete in the sort of airwave war that we're going to see in just a few weeks.

That was Rob Richie of FairVote speaking on Democracy Now! on January 8, 2008.

There were some interesting ideas discussed, all designed to give the poorer people a voice.

  • Holding primaries in the order of state population beginning with the lowest first would allow lesser voices to be heard.
  • Allowing exact proportional representation of delegates leading up to the convention would also allow candidates and their supporters with fewer delegates to still have a voice even at the end.
  • Instant-runoff elections is an idea we've written about before. Each voter ranks the entire field of candidates. This means that everyone's second choice or third choice might be the candidate that most closely matches a consensus choice.

Now, these are all good ideas if one believes that the system can be fixed from within. It cannot. Anyway one looks at it, the system is built upon coercion. The enforcement power in the current worldly way always comes down to official violence. That's antichrist. The only system that will ever work is the one in which everyone freely agrees (without any intimidation, duress, or coercion) to adhere to the two greatest commandments, the golden rule, and new commandment, all as taught and demonstrated by Jesus.

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