Hillary Clinton continues to say that her vote for the resolution entitled Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq was not a vote for war. That's ridiculous. She also says that she only voted for it after she obtained assurances from the Bush administration that it would allow the U.N. weapons inspectors to go back in to finish their work. She takes us for idiots. If that's how she felt at the time, she could have held out for making that aspect part of the resolution, making the resolution contingent upon restarting the weapons inspections. Her story is something her hired consultants have come up with in an attempt to soften her going along with the push for increasing the global plutocracy, the Empire.

She has been Bill Clinton's wife all along. She was with him when he was the governor of Arkansas when all the illegal CIA drug trafficking was being done through Mena, Arkansas. She was his wife when he went to the Trilateral Commission meetings. She was his wife when he was the leading advocate for the Democratic Leadership Council that turned the Democratic Party from egalitarianism toward neoliberalism that is laissez faire, caveat emptor, capitalistic exploitation of the poor throughout the third world and the undermining of the poor and blue-collar workers of the United States. She was his wife throughout his presidency when he stood watch over the Federal Reserve as it maneuvered the credit markets to allow for the Dot-Com bubble and the destruction of the commonweal. Sure, he tempered it, just as FDR and LBJ had tempered the fascists. That's not good enough.

She sat on the Board of Directors of Wal-Mart, which is the corporate retailer most responsible for undermining the American worker and exploiting the poor around the globe.

Now she wants to be the president of the United States, and the powers that be are leaning in her favor. They are doing that, because Bill Clinton was the best cover they ever had.

Tom Usher

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