On Tuesday, January 15, 2008, the FDA declared cloned meat and milk safe as human food. They say it's just another reproductive technology. Do you want to eat it or its offspring?

The FDA isn't going to require labeling even though approximately 1/3 of people in the U.S. don't want to eat the offspring of clones under any circumstances. Cloned food should be labeled. People should have a choice. The rich should not ram these things down people's throats. This is being forced on people. It's highly unreasonable of the federal government to allow this to go forward without labeling. If people come down with diseases later on (say decades later), the absence of labeling will make tracing the disease back to cloned food more difficult. That's why they don't want labeling.

They say cloned products are not different. Why do so many die of birth defects? What don't the scientists know? This is just a rush for money. The animals are not perfectly normal. Many get sick and die early. The people behind this are being extremely shortsighted. They are lying to people when they say that this is as artificial insemination. It isn't comparable.

Artificial ingredients, GMO foods, cloned foods, nanotech foods: This is all leading to eugenics and cloning human body parts and then whole human bodies and blank brains and cyborgs for consciousness and memory transplants for human longevity.

There is no trust in the hereafter. There is little to no trust in God.

It is obvious that they are willingly gambling with everybody's health. They really aren't sure about the long-term impact. One can hear them claiming that the risks are acceptable since the benefits for the wealthy cloning-corporations and others outweigh any potential long-term negative health consequences.

Read it for yourself in the excerpts from "Animal Cloning: A Risk Assessment," January 2008, by the Center for Veterinary Medicine, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, posted on, Monday, January 14, 2008; 9:46 PM.

Here's a thoughtful article and discussion below it: "good time to go vegan," posted by notnotabouthim. January 17, 2008.

Well, as a Christian, I must say that this life is not the real life. It's a filter.

The FDA IS Sheepish

17 Jan 2008 by Errol Blogs  
Other genetic complications with cloned animals include shortened chromosomes called telomeres, which lead to faster aging then conventional animals. Now did you want that steak rare or medium-rare? Many questions remain, such as why ...

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Scientists believe that she died early, at the age of six, due to the shortening of telomeres (a DNA, science related issue). I am just not convinced that we should eat food from cloned animals. Cloning is a fairly new science and it ...

This next one is just oh so trusting of the major corporations. He starts his article by stating, "Is meat from cloned animals unsafe? Most people would say, "No, of course not, what kind of stupid question is that?" Well, most people don't take that attitude, thank God, literally. They are smart enough to look at the bad direction that greed takes people.

Is meat from cloned animals unsafe? Most people would say, "No, of ...

28 Dec 2006 by S  
The world is a strange place, and I suppose it's very remotely conceivable that eating meat with shortened telomeres when Venus is in conjunction with Pluto could anger some petulant pagan god or another. But until someone at least ...
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