Well, well, the NID (National Intelligence Director), Mike McConnell, has said that waterboarding is torture. However, he wasn't making the case against it. He seeks to lessen people's natural inhibitions and aversions to it. He seeks to justify it by making false claims about it, claims that are made in a reduced, selective context that ignores the damage done to innocent people.

God hates harm especially to the innocent. That's why God hated what was done to Jesus but he loved Jesus for self-sacrificing to expose the evil to save the innocent, to prepare them to believe that their pain and suffering at the hands of the selfish demons is only a temporary sieve in the hands of Satan.

Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) has been developed with the direct aid of Satanist, such as Michael Aquino. It's all part of the Team B, so-call new military, which is just Machiavellian lying using the most sophisticated, technological invasion into people's minds the U.S. Military can muster. It all came out from the RAND Corporation. Donald Rumsfeld is the most open practitioner of this evil. It's just the ultra-rich hired self-styled intellectuals who are present-day Mesmers and Merlins, etc. They use everything and anything to get the people to do the bidding of the richest of the rich.

What they really want is to prevent site such as this one from telling you anything about all the evil that's being done that is being made to appear acceptable to God. It isn't.

They want to control everything. They want everything privatized. They want to control the weather and everyone's thoughts. They want everything censored, to allow in only that which they deem acceptable to the continuation of their rule. It is amorality. To them, people are just glorified animals. Survival of the most ruthless disguised as the most civil is their method.

Tom Usher

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