The economy grew since the tax cuts of George W. Bush; however, the economic growth went to the large corporations and the ultra rich. The general population down below has been progressively squeezed. Everything is a scheme by the rich who just can't believe how stupid the poor are. Well, the poor are just too busy working or just haven't had the educational opportunities for the very reason that the rich have robbed them of time and opportunities.

Now they're talking depression coming. Stock markets worldwide are reflecting the fear. However, George W. Bush keeps smiling, and the government plans to give a pittance of $145-150 billion in tax rebates as a pump primer, as in Keynesianism. What do they have up their sleeves? They'll be buying up more assets, both private and public, if they get their way. The Federal Reserve cut the discount rate by 750 basis points in an emergency unscheduled move to slow the coming decline.

Don't make the mistake of not realizing that the super rich don't know what they are doing. The fact is that they have positioned China via the dollar reserves China is holding as U.S. debt as one of the bag holders right along with the American middle and lower classes. The super rich are about to attempt to take back all the gains China has made. China supposed to become for sale and bought up.

What should the people do? They should help with the Christian Commons Project™.

The people can begin to understand that it isn't "the economy, stupid." It's the stupid economy. The economic system is based upon selfishness. That's the error.

The people also need to understand that this whole crisis is the deliberate doing of the Trilateralists, the international, global bankers and financiers who forced in the whole neoliberal agenda. The Bretton Woods system with it's World Bank, World Trade Organization, and International Monetary Fund, and the veto riddled United Nations were the main vehicles.

The Democratic Leadership Council moved the center to the more selfish direction. That was sheer evil and orchestrated by the wealthiest power brokers.

Tom Usher

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