Certain Jews were offended by the revived old Roman Catholic prayer that said those Jews are blind and have a veil upon their hearts. The Roman Catholics decided to remove that language. Why? What language do those Jews find not offensive? To not offend them, one must agree with them. How may one agree with them and remain Christian? One can not.

The Roman Catholics do the Jews and themselves no favor by kowtowing. Jesus is the one and only path to God. That's right. Jesus didn't ask anyone to do anything wrong. If everyone were to do exactly as he asked, the resulting boon would be astounding. To change a prayer to accommodate those Jews is to send them the signal that the Christian faith may be weakened. However, it cannot be. If one falls to such accommodation, one falls away from Christianity. One falls away from salvation.

There is no salvation but through Jesus Christ and rightly so. What better example of the way to be has there ever been? I can think of no one better than Jesus. Can you? Can the Jews who have complained? No.

This situation is exacerbated by the so-called Christian Zionists who shell out huge dollar amounts for Jews under the two-covenant theory of the Plymouth Brethren dispensationalists while ignoring the plight of so many others around the world and while the Jews themselves have plenty of money on a per-capita basis relative to other ethnic groups.

Christians are to be feeding the lambs and sheep of Christ. The Jews who are going to see the light are going to see that light.

If they are still offended, it is their own fault. What does their Talmud say about Jesus? Rather than rip up the words of Jesus for the sake of the unbelievers, let them rip up their evil Talmud. After all, Jesus's teachings are vastly superior (perfect in fact). The highest rabbis in history, such as Maimonides, can't hold a candle to Jesus. Everyone knows that.

Tom Usher

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