"Government Suppresses Major Public Health Report," by Maggie Mahar. AlterNet. February 12, 2008.

The public has been denied important information on the link between pollution and health problems including lung, colon and breast cancer.

Canadian biologist Michael Gilbertson, a second peer reviewer, told the Center for Public Integrity that he felt the findings were being suppressed because they were "inconvenient." On the record, he added: "The whole problem with all this kind of work is wrapped up in that word 'injury.' If you have injury, that implies liability. Liability, of course, implies damages, legal processes, and costs of remedial action. The governments, frankly, in both countries are so heavily aligned with, particularly, the chemical industry, that the word amongst the bureaucracies is that they really do not want any evidence of effect or injury to be allowed out there."

It is evil, bad government to side with rich companies over the welfare of the whole of the people.

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