Why stop with something under the fingernail? When confronted by a possible crime, why not torture the suspect? Why not widen the circle of suspects to contain anyone and everyone until you find the one who knows and tells under torture? If you happen to be mistaken that a crime is about to happen, so what if the innocent are tortured? What difference does that make?

It makes plenty of difference. Torture damages people's souls. It breaks them up. It makes them less whole. It makes them more likely to be a problem for themselves and for others. Torture is evil for that reason.

Also, stooping to the level of those whom one is attempting to thwart blurs the distinction between the interrogator and the suspect if that suspect is guilty. If innocent, then the interrogator is the sole evil at least concerning the crime in question.

However, the U.S. has as one of its Supreme Court Justices a man who says that shoving things under people's nails is only "so-called" torture and should not be precluded as legal. That's the position of Antonin Scalia. ("US judge Scalia on 'so-called torture'," by Raphael G. Satter. Associated Press. February 12, 2008.)

What a mess. We have a Star Chamber judge for an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. What bullying or abuse did Antonin undergo that he's damaged so? Get out the blackjacks and the bright lights. Sweat it out of him. Don't let him sleep or think. Badger him. Threaten him. Get that confession by any means. Beat him up, just as the Chicago Police beat and tortured those Black victims who recently won some court actions now decades later.

Did we do away with that stuff back in the 1950's and early '60's? Apparently we didn't. It continued on during the intervening decades. Apparently it's back with a vengeance. Apparently it's back only much worse with the door attempting to be left open for much, much worse, depending upon how silent the people will remain about it.

Scalia's bought into the Allen Dershowitz, FOX Network, 24, ticking time-bomb excuse for being evil, for going over to the dark side, as Dick Cheney has advocated and done verbatim.

We have the dark side ruling the country, the Empire. Forget about all the talk about the good guys. Good guys don't fall to the temptation to torture. They aren't even tempted. The tempted are the fallen spirits. They are not the spirits in God's real heaven. The real angels of light don't torture.

How can anyone be patriotic (inspired by love for one's country) if one's country stands for torture? The only thing one can rightly do is continue insisting that the country one loves doesn't torture and that the country one loves has been overridden by fallen angels willingly ruled by the prince of darkness.

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