School Shootings in the U.S. are trending way up. ("Timeline of School Shootings." U.S. News & World Report. February 15, 2008.) It's the whole culture of violence. It's on TV, in movies, music, videos, video games, so-called sports, foreign policy, and hearts and souls.

There are people calling for more guns in the hands of more people to shoot back. That's not the answer. That's just more of the problem. The answer is reducing everything associated with violence everywhere. Get it off the TV, out of movies, music, videos, video games, sports, and foreign policy. Do away with the military and wars. Purge your heart and soul. Repent. Atone. Do it voluntarily. Self-censor for righteousness' sake. Do those things, and there will finally be no more school shootings. Don't do those things, and there will be more Hell to pay.

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