Apparently, Scientology has made some very serious enemies out of a bunch of techno-savvy, Internet hackers. From some of the reporting, it is understandable why some of these people are upset; however, their tactics aren't applying the Golden Rule. Well, they are anti-Scientology and not pro-Christ.

Jesus stopped sin by his words and not by coercive measures. The group of hackers wants freedom of speech against Scientology. They need to remember that it works two ways.

Also according to reporting, Scientology is highly litigious. That seems to have had a censoring impact in the past. Their deep pockets have been used to intimidate people through legal threats and actions if reporting is to be believed.

I read about Scientology. At one point, I was put on their mailing list even though I hadn't requested any information from them. From what I could gather, among other things, it is a biofeedback-based system (equipment to measure galvanic skin reactions to questioning — akin to a polygraph) with some sort of counselor acting something akin to a psychoanalyst.

"'Anonymous' takes anti-Scientology to the streets," by Web Scout Los Angeles Times. February 10 2008.


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    • I read a book on Scientology years ago in the 60's and treated it as another piece if epic snark from a master of irony and satire. A false religion modernized to be more in sync with the times and modeled after some less salutary ideas about programming people and regularizing a scheme of enforced 'donations' would fit right in with a sci-fi imagineering talent for 'inventing' a social religious revolution.

      What happens when the warning is caught up by gullible and opportunists to be promoted into reality ?

      I haven't really seen a lot in the intervening decades that would seriously dispute that idea : though I'll cheerfully admit to a lack of trying.

    • Hello Opit,

      What happened to you on WordPress?

      Well, to the subject at hand, the Scientologists are for changing how they react. Jesus though had already taught people to overcome their conditioning. Look how Jesus himself did not react to the violence done toward him.

      He also taught free of charge. He freely gave what was freely given to him. The biofeedback system of the Scientologists doesn't teach the unselfish approach. They charge people. Hence, they will fail and fall further.

      Scientology falls short. It's a shortcut that does recondition, but it doesn't recondition into righteousness. It's a trick. L. Ron Hubbard rejected Christ. He didn't want to live up to Jesus's standard or even try. What is there about him that is still being hidden from the general public? Shortcuts aren't the way. Mental crutches aren't the way. The right way is to be sorry. The right way is to feel it as deeply as possible.

      People are mistaken when they turn off their emotions. They harden up doing that. That's what's wrong with the world. The right way is to apologize to God for every selfish and harmful feeling, thought, word, and deed.

      Thank you for stopping in.

      God bless,


    • All I know is one day I tried to login and found the account suspended. No explanation or communication.

      I had been promoting WordPress blogs on my reviews as a matter of policy : I'm afraid I just took the attitude "Ingrates" and started fresh.

      There could be some technical reason for it, of course. I thought it much more likely that my political comments were squelched because I was becoming too popular and topical.

      Even so-called "Conspiracy Theorists" are accused of acting from malice rather than concern.

      Nor is there any equilibrium in the matter of the strange US 'support' of Israel with arms shipments : regardless of the actual activities of the country.

    • Looking over your comment again, I was struck by another thought. I was friends with a couple who seemed obsessed with 'miracles' and talked about them as any everyday occurrence. It didn't take long for it to percolate through that I didn't do that. It was worth a great chuckle the first time I allowed that something that had just happened could justifiably be described using that term.

      Time passed - our acquaintanceship is long gone : there have been other miracles in my life since.

      But : one thing this lady made a point of. The real interaction between man and God had to occur on a visceral and emotional level. Analysis and logic were fine and dandy - but feeling and intuition had to rule.

    • Hi again, Opit,

      How's "MyOpera"? I use Opera as my main browser — have since Netscape Navigator was overtaken by Internet Explorer. Opera has been a great browser, but there are servers (Microsoft) that are set up to block Opera no matter how I configure the browser. It just has so many clean features I use that aren't available with the others though.

      When I wrote above "turn off their emotions," I was using the expression in the colloquial sense. In truth, they change their emotions rather than turn them off. They go from soft-hearted to hard-hearted.

      The most hard-hearted people can be extremely affected. Look at the acts of vengeance where people literally see red.

      We're dealing with contexts, connotations, and semantics all the time.

      I find Jesus perfectly logical. I have yet to find anyone more logical. His emotional state is also the best I've found. I know the two things go together in real Christianity: Logic and emotion.

      As for the U.S., weapons, and Israel, I completely agree.

      The whole of humanity needs to disarm.

      Peace, love, and truth,


    • I 'disappeared' down the road and hadn't checked back before now.

      I used a Netscape relative, Mozilla Suite, and never really have used IE much. Avant is installed for curiosity and I've used other builds added to IE : just not often.

      Firefox crashed lots at first when 2.0 came out and I got away from it until things were more sorted out. I like the way Opera bookmarks open and find it stable and quick. FF would open duplicates of itself that wouldn't close and then spun the CPU so it couldn't work. I actually put a throttle on it the other day ! This after setting parameters of operation that should have prevented nonsense. It has a lot of handy toys, though. I just get tired of losing data.

      So, in short, Opera is stable, quick and user-friendly + improving.

      I thought "Dogma" - the movie - a hoot. The 'idol' of "Hippie Jesus" cuts close to the bone : which means I find it pretty well spot-on.

      An authoritarian prophet isn't what I see in him : rather a person with compassion for humanity and its fears and sufferings. The idea that the "Godhead" is the important part is idiocy to me : unprovable and likely irrelevant to the human condition. A friend who will take us past our limitations to help us achieve what is built into our potential : that has real attraction. I am referring to surpassing fear, ignorance and small-mindedness to embrace empathy and generosity. In a world where misunderstanding and ignorance limit opportunity and promote injustice, it is a teaching function.

      That's part of my motivation to collate what I find interesting and/or attractive : though there's lots of ugly to go around.

    • Hi Opit,

      Opera has been very handy for changing the setting per domain visited. That feature has allowed me to get many Active Server (Microsoft) sites to work. I just turn off the automatic redirection and then change the settings for each domain served up until I get to the final page. Then I turn the automatic redirection back on, and usually I can sail right through from then on. Some Microsoft sites can be fooled by setting Opera to mask itself as IE.

      Of course, Microsoft has always pushed the envelope as far as possible trying to make the whole of personal computing their proprietary domain. It's the thing that is the most antichrist about them. They won't last in the long run if they don't stop trying to be so damned rich keeping others down.

      A couple of other things I like about Opera are that it's really easy to see cookies and to delete them and/or manually edit them. Also, often when I'm coding, I use the source view and hit the "Apply changes" button to isolate and clip code from sites (articles and posts).

      Well, that's enough technology promotion. (Opera is though more unselfish than Bill Gates.)

      After your comment before last, I continued thinking about miracles, feelings, and intuition. Vocabulary is inadequate not because the word is inadequate but because hearts are inadequate. God is emotion. There are no feelings without God. At the same time, there is what works: The practical. It is not logical to think that emotion and reason and practicality are mutually exclusive. The highest reasoning is the best emotional state and the most practical state of being. John said God is love. He considered Jesus the word. The most reasoned way to be is Christlike. It will result in the best. It works best. In fact, it's perfect in leading to perfection.

      Many atheists and especially those who worship both mammon and scientism, insist that Jesus was and is unreasoned. That is the height of folly. It is the most illogical conclusion.

      The reason for their conclusion inevitably comes down to avoiding admitting they don't believe they could rise to the occasion were they to avow Jesus's teaching and living example. They fear being shown up in their own emotions, in their own eyes. It's an ego thing. They are up to no good somewhere in their lives that rather than change and overcome they seek to hide or excuse. It's no good. It's killing them, their souls. Everyone has to face his or her root errors or continue falling.

      This is where the softening enters. Be considerate. Jesus was as considerate as can be. Even when he overthrew the tables of those of commerce and money in the Temple, he was doing so for their sakes and the sake of the many. He didn't do it haphazardly. He went with the Holy Spirit within him leading him. From that act, we are clearly reminded that we are to cleans our emotions of the desire for material gain especially at the direct and negative expense of our fellow human beings. We have to be aggressive about it within while doing no harm. Chase out the demons that are selfish emotions. It's perfectly logical, reasoned, rational, practical, and the like. It's just plain right. It's both micro and macrocosmic at the same time. It applies to both the spirit and the manifest fleshly life at the same time. It applies to the Earth and Heaven at the same time in the same place.

      I agree with you that Jesus was not the authoritarian prophet. However, it's true only where the term is loaded. Strip away all that loads the term, and he is the human authority on God. We do take on a yoke when we agree to follow him; however, we take on a yoke no matter what path we follow. There is no yoke-free path. The question is which path is the lightest yoke, even the one that will lift up one and all.

      Jesus was so light that he could walk on water, literally. The spirit is able to suspend gravity. Well, is that fantasy? Why is it so difficult for people to believe it if they stop to think about God being the conceptualizer of gravity in the first place and all the things we call forces and matter and existence in the first place? God has authority over all things and so do we if we accept God within, righteousness, peace, love, and truth within. This works on both the individual and collective levels. Only those of disbelief prevent it from being magnified on this plane.

      "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" is a good expression. Those of scientism identify a few equations that work within the limited context they've defined and they take it for full enlightenment. What do they know? A wave is a particle only when they're looking. One can hear them now. "There has to be a scientific explanation for it." Well, yes of course. Broaden the mind and emotions to reestablish the true meaning of the term science as knowledge and realize that there are mental states where things happen that defy the rules that work only within those limitations mentioned above. There is a scientific explanation for Jesus's miracles but only when science or knowledge is properly expanded, just as Jesus expanded the law to making it perfect (fulfilled) rather than leaving it imperfect, which is loaded with arrogance and hypocrisy. It's the same thing with the so-called laws of science. In fact, all laws are subject to exactly the laws Jesus uttered. God is science, just not the false-science of those who preclude the emotional control over all things.

      Evil emotions beget evil results. Righteous emotions beget righteous results. It may take a while for this to unfold, but unfold it does and will. That's certain. It's absolute truth.

      I take your point about the “Godhead.” People use that designation with authority while not having the slightest idea of what they're talking about. They do it with the Trinity while they leave all the work undone. They let the church be overtaken by lying men of war, such as Constantine I, and who all together split hairs endlessly, murdered dissenters, and left the commandments of Jesus undone.

      It's exactly what Jesus said to the Pharisees about their being so careful to tithe while just blowing off being really righteous that is consistent. When Jesus's faith moved the spirit of God to give sight to the blind man, that man said that he didn't know about all the things the Pharisees were questioning about Jesus but simply that he could now see. That's right. That once blind fellow wasn't going to be tricked into not knowing that a good thing had just been done to him for free and out of goodness. Who did it, and where is he? God did it, and God is wherever there is goodness, which necessarily includes faith in itself, in righteousness. So, Godhead really means righteousness heads things for the righteous. Jesus said God is spirit. He said we'd worship wherever we are. He said God dwells within. So, what do these people conceive when they say "Godhead"? Where's the fruit that is coming from the goodness within them? I see many of them shouting for evil, for war, and for greed. You know that for many, doing sexual harm isn't far below the surface. Abuse and confusion is their history they aren't overcoming but must or doom themselves.

      John, I think you're headed in the right direction. Harmlessness is key. Unselfishness is key. Love is key. They're all synonyms that in the final analysis are one. Love really is the unified field the self-styled scientists are failing to grasp. God is one.

      Thanks for coming back. Come as often as you want. I'm subscribe to your rss feed. I'll be pointing visitors to some of your work from time-to-time. I'm sort of working around the blogroll and feeds. It's so time consuming. However, I'm with you in being motivated by the greater good that will come of it all if we just keep putting the right words and meanings out there and backed them with works to match.

      God bless your soul, John. Keep up your efforts to find and to magnify the real spirit of Christianity. God saves. Love saves.


    • Whew ! I'm a P.K. Tom and know what a time-crunch can be like. Somehow I'm confident that some of the last will be fodder for sermonizing : there are worse things than having someone around to bounce ideas off. I'm glad I'm not 'trollerizing' ! Thanks for the invitation to post back.

      If there is a source of confusion for me - and I expect most laymen who take the trouble to think about it - is there is no reference to 'Christ' in scripture : none I'm aware of, anyway. There is no commonly known identifying connection between the Bible's Jesus ( Emmanuel ), or explanation of why the disciples called him "Lord" for that matter.

      And the idea of the Triune God just makes things worse. Rather like trying to unscrew the inscrutable.

      I haven't played with Opera's controls nearly enough yet to be up-to-speed on your playing with the 'Tools' option. I became used to NoScript on Firefox.This is a self-taught ( ha ! ) blogger.

    • p.s. I'm throwing a 'sermon topic' at you, if you hadn't noticed. The titles often associated with Jesus as descriptive terms deserve to be 'justified' and clarified. How many think of a'Redeemer' as being one to show you how to 'spend' your life ? 'Defining Terms' is an exercise too often neglected.

    • Hello again to you, John

      I would have responded sooner, but I've been doing contract work to pay the Church's bills and to take the muzzle off myself. The oxen too must eat while he works to bring forth.

      I too am a P.K.

      To the subject: Words are everything. Some people think the universe is based upon numbers. Words and numbers are one. We can categorize words versus numbers, but there is nothing in either category that can't be expressed by either category. Therefore, the distinction is paradoxical to the uninitiated. However, the degree to which it is paradoxical in the minds of many, even nearly all, simply points to the threshold of God's mind from the human perspective or side of the equation.

      So, God is one or 1. Conceptually, 1 is ½ plus ½ of the same things. The Triune God is a third, a third, a third where the concept is not 33.333...%.

      People like to hammer others on these types of concepts. It makes no sense to hammer anyone.

      The whole of so-called Christianity is loaded with terms that have been and continue to be argued: Faith, grace, and works or deeds immediately come to mind. Inerrancy is another. Self-styled Fundamentalists insist upon literalness when it is impossible to divorce one's self from the figurative. In very truth, the literal and figurative are as words to numbers. Where one leaves off and the other begins is God's knowledge. The more we know about it, the more God is sharing God's knowledge with us. Are we worthy of more?

      Many of those same Fundamentalists (thank God it's changing) argue for going to war against Iran. Are such minds worthy of more knowledge? Are they worthy of the knowledge of how to think things into being and happening? No they are not. If they were given such power, they would literally torture souls with it more than they are already doing through their surrogates in the CIA and elsewhere. They relish the thought. Heaven forbid it!

      Jesus had the power because he was infinitely trustworthy with it. Strange as it may seem, but the spirit that humans label Satan has power. Some people are attempting to add to the vocabulary such terms as "memes" to describe some of this. The gist of it is that emotions cause thoughts and vice versa. Those are suggested by, and actually are, words or utterances or sounds or vibrations, etc. Sounds and light and other frequencies are all part of this. Where matter and energy start and stop and where the Creation and the Spirit start and stop is more of God's knowledge.

      Will human science as it is typically conceptualized and defined by antichrists ever obtain the ultimate knowledge? No they will not. God won't share it with them. They will forever be too untrustworthy to receive it and to share it.

      This only scratches the surface of theological semantics. There aren't words to express it because the concepts are beyond human comprehension for those deemed unworthy to begin comprehending. This is why Jesus used expressions such as "if one is given" by God to understand or to do or not to do something, such as foregoing parts of the flesh (pluck it out and cast it away) if those parts cause one to stumble into harming others when the mind and spirit say not to do it – not to cave into the evil temptation.

      As for there being no reference to Christ in scripture, it depends upon the connotation of the term "reference" and also on the time period to which you're referring. Etymologically, the term or name "Christ" is traceable within the narrow canon of the mainstream Orthodox, Catholics, and Protestants. You mentioned Emmanuel (God with us). Isaiah prophesied that one would come who would be God with us. Now, people can either accept that or not. No Christian can force this understanding into anyone else. They can try. Many do try especially with their own children. They use coercion in an attempt to get others to conform. It's self-defeating. The moment coercion is introduced, Jesus (whose name means Yah "God" saves) is gone. The spirit switches, if it was ever there, to "Satanic" or antichrist or the opposite of all that is pure righteousness (without any corruption whatsoever – no death in the fullest sense Jesus means life versus death, light versus dark, etc.).

      The thing human beings must do is overcome the language barrier. There are lords and then there are lords. The current use of the term is primarily from the worldly sense or spirit as in the Gentiles lord it over each other. It's true. George W. Bush was hand picked by the plutocrats to lord it over the masses. He has been their front man – their taskmaster/foreman. The U.S. is engaged in the phony process of ostensibly democratically selecting the next foreman or foreperson (President). The real lord is the Lord and LORD. Conceptually, the real lord is righteousness and love and the bringer of light (truth) and the real peace rather than the phony peace through strength (the wholly evil Pentagon). That phony peace is killing people in war. The scripture discusses this in terms of the Antichrist who kills people via his peace. It fits perfectly with the ones who lord it over others rather than being Christlike that is the real Lord (leader) serving others that is making sure that all are serve their meet (food) in due season. That food is for both the flesh body and the nourishment of the soul.

      So, Jesus is Lord in that he is the right one to lead because his path leads to the real peace and all the rest of the good (God; eternal unity; utter wholesomeness).

      Specifically about your trouble with the Triune God, here's how I deal with the concepts. I just see the words Father, Son, and Holy Ghost or Spirit and that's that. Jesus uses the expression "like unto" a great deal. He teaches in parables and analogies. What is God like? What is Heaven like? What are their natures? His disciples would ask him. He would serve up analogies. Heaven is like unto....

      "Father" is a huge concept. It doesn't preclude the maternal either. God nurtures the way both kinds of human parents nurture when they are doing it right. Mother's milk comes from the flesh but really it is God who is provisioning. It is the satanic spirit that seeks to cut off souls from the ultimate provisioning spirit of God.

      God is inscrutable to the degree that one closes off to God or is closed off by God by virtue of one's own unworthiness. If we were worthy, we would know that which we don't. In addition, souls are given their heads as horses are given their heads by riders wishing to get somewhere fast because those people create their outcomes. Scientists are bringing forth an ever widening spectrum of good and evil. The ones who must destroy themselves to spare the righteous on this plane of existence are being given their heads. They are being allowed recklessly to rush into seemingly but not real godlike powers over matter and energy. Their souls are being tested and filtered. As Jesus said to Peter, they are given over to Satan to sift them as wheat. They are making of themselves the proverbial chaff that is rejected by God and devoured by Satan. It isn't good enough to last and remain in charge. It's too self-centered. It's too harmful. It's destroying the creation – the platform of potential for doing only good toward one another rather than all of what we see going on around the whole planet. The leaders-into-falsehood are in charge of leading their followers into Satan's mouth.

      There is the Father. There is the Son. There is the Holy Spirit. They are one in spirit and in flesh if one is given to understand. The softening heart moves closer and closer to God. That heart is not weak. Jesus is not weak. I have never heard of anyone stronger or softer.

      Unselfishness and harmless are the same things. To be those is also to be beneficent. We are to be about the work of bringing forth and not beating our fellow servants. The current system of falsehood (that is dominating the worldly world and the false concept of heaven in nearly everyone's mind) is about constantly beating fellow servants. It is not striving mightily to bring forth for the sake of the many righteous-hearted and those who would turn to it were that bringing forth to be manifested and magnified.

      Why are people choosing amongst John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama for who will lord it over them? Forget that system. It's fatally flawed. It contains irreconcilable differences. It is a house divided against its self that will not stand. People are going to choose who will be the next Commander and Chief of the Pentagon (the most coercive, threatening, and potentially destructive force of human flesh – pure evil). Please, why are they involved in choosing who will be Satan's right hand person for a term? It is pure hypocrisy. They laud the spirit but do the opposite.

      Absolutely we must strive to define terms. We won't though arrive at the ultimate, correct meaning until we are literally one with God. God knows the ultimate. God is the trustworthy one.

      We are to behave properly that is beneficially toward other souls. We aren't to tempt them into falling. We are to offer rising. If they don't take it, we aren't to call down the wrath upon them. We aren't to curse them. Cursing is what Satan's followers do. If we behave righteously because that is what comes out of our hearts, we will be redeemed. We will be restored to God by God. That proper behavior comes out of consistency. It runs from emotional state to deeds and back again.

      The false preachers tell people that how they behave has no impact upon their status as the elect or anointed. That's pure rubbish. It's designed to keep people from partaking of the truth that Jesus teaches. It's designed to keep them from always doing righteousness for if they do, they will no longer be duped into supporting those false preachers but rather will gladly give and share everything with each other for the greater glory. They will restore their rightful inheritance that is the whole of existence.

      God bless everyone.


    • I thought I would try again : WordPress bounced me out on registration last go-round.

      I was very pleased to see you had been accepted by the motley crew at IOOBC. I had an invitation to join but waste my time finding that which I think needed saying rather than worrying about 'sounding off' myself. That's not false modesty so much as a lack of the constant stream of inspiration which motivates many.

      I reinstalled CoComment to monitor my many threads of conversation and hopefully will be able to continue to post here.

    • Hi John,

      Nice to see you back.

      As you saw, I tried asking people to register to post comments. The spam was running very high. Different spammers spam for different reasons, as you are aware. Some do it just to cause a huge volume of spam to wear down the blog administrator when sorting through it all to find legitimate commentary. They hope that the administrator will just give up.

      You mentioned that it could be political. I believe that's often the case. I write often about the misuse of the term "anti-Semitic." I also right in support of treating the Palestinians as fellow human beings rather than rabid dogs or something. In looking at the source of much of the spam, most of it was coming from certain servers in Israel. The false-Zionists that support Apartheid Israel and their vision of Greater Israel (worldly Empire) hate me. Oh well, they hate Jesus too. I'm in the best of company. I think they really hate it when I thank God for the many Jews who stand up to them. It's pretty stupid to call me an anti-Semite when I do that isn't it.

      Here's a post of mine I consider particularly important on this subject. "U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT REPORT ON NEW EXPANDED DEFINITION OF ANTI-SEMITISM FALLACIOUS, DANGEROUS, AND SUMMARILY REJECTED." I don't want Condi Rice setting such bad definitions that stick in the mainstream. If you know any non-racist anti-Zionists, you might want to pass it along. Her neocons are illogical and are twisting the truth to cover their evil deeds and intentions. The people need summarily to reject thier ruse. It's part of a lead up to declaring any criticism of Israel as illegal hate speech punishable by a fine and time in jail. Well, I hate what they are doing, and unless they are all ready to scrap the U.S. Bill of Rights that supposedly guarantees free political speech, they'll just have to live with it.

      Of course, as a Christian, I'm not judging and condemning anyone. No people (nation) has proven saintly base solely on DNA. It's the family in spirit that can finally rise to the level of the saintly family. From there, it can be extended to the whole human genome. That's the prophecy.

      To deal with the spam, I installed an old plugin called Spam Karma. It isn't being supported anymore, but it uses a blacklist that if one allows to build up, cuts way back on the list of spam offered for moderation which one must sort or maybe miss legitimate commentary. A drawback is that the spammers use undedicated IP addresses that a legitimate user may be assigned afterwards. Such legitimate commentators would then be blocked. On a site with huge comment volume, that would be a real problem. The odds of it happening here though are nearly nonexistent.

      Ah, the Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus, yes, I think they call themselves a motley crew. I wondered going in if they would be put off by the Christian in the name "Real Liberal Christian Church." Many Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus members disagree with the RLCC position concerning other issues they consider "liberal." Well, if they will all just come to the position that whatever is ultimately harmful, including in sexual matters, in the longest run is what we should avoid doing to each other and to ourselves (oneness), I know all would change for the better and best. It's such a hard sell though.

      Jesus did his miracle healing of people. Of course, he said it was their faith that did it. I believe that. There just isn't that kind or degree of faith now.

      Lately, I've been having an on-going run against the laissez faire capitalists. They come in little waves. I think there are socialist-leaners who come here, but I believe most or all are atheists. They don't comment, not even against the economic neoliberals. That's too bad. I think they wouldn't want to hear from me about the rest of Jesus's message (consistency).

      It's a hard sell to get people to act consistent with Jesus's vision of the giving-and-sharing, harmless system.

      I know you're still asking, seeking, knocking, John. That's what matters. You may not have found it all, but if you keep at it in earnest, the answers and inspiration will come. I think you know that.

      I know you care about people. It's obvious by the sites in your "link fest." Every bit helps. Some sites out there are a confused mix, of course, and linking to them might cause more harm then help. Christians are supposed to still make contact. Jesus certainly did. He was roundly abused for it too. I side with him though against them.

      Hey, John, I learned of CoComment from you. Thanks. I haven't run into a better way. Commenting is so time consuming of course. What isn't? My list of things to do is miles long. I don't even categorize or tag my posts anymore. It's a trade off — more content or more categorizing and tagging. I had been using Ultimate Tag Warrior (UTW), but it didn't keep pace with the new WordPress releases and WordPress integrated tagging. By deactivating UTW, I lost all the tagging work I did under it — thousands of tags. Oh well, live and learn.

      I think the vast majority of my new traffic is from the major search engines from the indexing of the post body and not tags, per se. As for not have cats showing on my site anymore, I have two search methods available on site. I might bring back cats though. I've been thinking about it. From my perspective, the administrative interfaces on WordPress aren't designed nearly enough for bulk work. I'd rather work right in the MySQL tables. I might give that a shot. It could save days worth of work.

      Anyway, I look forward to hearing your thoughts. If there's anything of note in your Internet travels you'd like to point out in particular, don't hesitate to add a link or two to any of your comments. I trust you that your comments and any links would always be legit. I think I have it set to allow three links.

      God bless you, John.

      See you again.

      Tom Usher