Apparently, Scientology has made some very serious enemies out of a bunch of techno-savvy, Internet hackers. From some of the reporting, it is understandable why some of these people are upset; however, their tactics aren't applying the Golden Rule. Well, they are anti-Scientology and not pro-Christ.

Jesus stopped sin by his words and not by coercive measures. The group of hackers wants freedom of speech against Scientology. They need to remember that it works two ways.

Also according to reporting, Scientology is highly litigious. That seems to have had a censoring impact in the past. Their deep pockets have been used to intimidate people through legal threats and actions if reporting is to be believed.

I read about Scientology. At one point, I was put on their mailing list even though I hadn't requested any information from them. From what I could gather, among other things, it is a biofeedback-based system (equipment to measure galvanic skin reactions to questioning — akin to a polygraph) with some sort of counselor acting something akin to a psychoanalyst.

"'Anonymous' takes anti-Scientology to the streets," by Web Scout Los Angeles Times. February 10 2008.

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