Mohammed didn't know Christ.

There's an Iranian filmmaker, Nader Talebzadeh, whose film about Jesus is coming out in Iran. In his film, Jesus is depicted according to Mohammed. ("Story of Jesus Through Iranian Eyes," by Lara Setrakian. ABC News. February 16, 2008.) The Qur'an says Jesus was not the son of God and that he was not crucified. Someone else was crucified in his place.

Nader Talebzadeh said that Jesus was "A beautiful man, a beautiful prophet. Why should he be bloodied that way? ... I have never found one case among practicing Christians who are offended [by the movie]. ... Part of the message of Jesus was censored out [of The Bible], which was the coming of the next prophets. If you listen to what Jesus said, Jesus talked about the Prophet Mohammad, many, many times. And it was eliminated in the Gospels and the Bibles that [made it through] history. In 325, the Council of Nice was out to destroy all the other Gospels. One of those Gospels was the Gospel of Barnabas, which I used in great detail. ... It had a lot of sermons of Jesus that you do not see in the Bible; miracles, and at least a hundred references to the Prophet Mohammad, about his coming. It's one of the biggest censorships of history."

In order for the Qur'an to be right, the four Gospels have to be wrong. Those Gospels predate the Qur'an. Also, if you remove the crucifixion of Jesus and have someone else crucified in his place, there is nothing left. To believe as Mohammed would have you believe is completely to miss the entire point.

The most telling thing Jesus did was willingly go to the cross for the sake of everyone else who would benefit. He set the example of not fighting back but rather being so unselfish as to put everyone with a heart to shame. Of course, that's exactly what didn't sit well with Mohammed.

It is the kind and degree of love Jesus showed that bought the Earth and humanity time. It is that kind and degree of love that if we will all just show, all would be healed forever.

Jesus and God didn't cheat. Jesus went through it. He faced it in full faith. It's why we love him. He did it for us. He went through the pain and suffering for us. It wasn't Judas or anyone else who secretly went through it. It was really Jesus Christ they murdered for their wholly selfish, evil reasons. Even still, he asked God to forgive the mob for their ignorance. People just don't come any better than that. Mohammed certainly doesn't hold a candle to Jesus's light that is brighter than all the stars combined.

Whom are you going to believe? Mohammed was a caravan raider. He attacked caravans, slaughtered people, stole all their goods, and took many into slavery including the women and girls for sex slaves. He divvied up the loot with his followers while he took the largest share. He had two sets of rules. He had the rules for himself and then the rules for everyone else. He always got more: More loot, more women, etc. Can you really trust a person such as that? I don't.

When I compare Jesus and Mohammed, it's as comparing day to night with Jesus the day, the light of truth, and Mohammed the night, the darkness of falsehood.

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