Not just base metals into gold; but the profuse creation of elements that is rewriting the book of genesis.
The neutrons yielding the abundances in our local solar system and galaxy have often been previously assumed to arise entirely from thermonuclear processes and supernova explosions in the stars. These assumptions may be suspect in the light of the evidence from low energy nuclear reactions. Widom and Larsen remark: "It appears entirely possible that ultralow momentum neutron absorption may have an important role to play in the nuclear abundances not only in chemical cells but also in our local solar system and galaxy."

The story of [how] our universe has been created may well have to be rewritten.

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

RLCC: If some wealthy organization would fund research on transmuting radioactive waste into harmless or beneficial products and give the results to humanity for free, God would smile.

Originally from The Institute of Science in Society on February 20, 2008, 1:40am

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