by John Hoefle

For comparison, take the state-built and state-run Dulles Toll Road and the private Dulles Greenway in Northern Virginia. The 12-mile Dulles Toll Road has had one rate hike since it opened in 1984, raising the toll at its main plaza from 50 cents to 75 cents in 2005, with the increase slated to help cover the cost of a planned commuter-rail project along its route. In contrast, the 14-mile Dulles Greenway, built by private firms as an extension of the Dulles Toll Road, has seen a steady series of rate increases, with the basic fare now standing at $3.50.
'Lexus Lanes'

There are also many projects underway to create special fee-based lanes ("Lexus lanes") on public highways under the guise of dealing with congestion, and even discussions of tracking all cars, and charging drivers by the mile driven on all "public" roads.

Reprinted from Executive Intelligence Review, February 15, 2008, Vol. 35, No. 7

RLCC: Bailouts and privatization are designed to ruin the common people and raise up the richest of the rich in the most shortsighted manner. Privatization is sheer evil. The only problem with the public system is that it isn't based 100% on cooperation and non-profit (the giving-and-sharing, completely voluntary economy that flows out from real love in the heart — mercy: The Golden Rule).

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