AFP - Brazil's National Biosecurity Council on Tuesday authorized the planting and sale of two types of genetically modified corn, angering some rural groups which consider them environmentally risky.
A Brazilian rural group, Via Campesina, reacted with fury to the announcement, saying it went against the advice of two governmental

agencies: the health ministry's ANVISA health vigilance unit, and the environmental ministry's Ibama institute.

Via Campesina said in a statement that the companies behind the engineered corn had presented studies that were "completely inadequate and insufficient to guarantee the safety of these products in terms of human health."

It said it also feared the man-made seeds would contaminate natural crops, with unpredictable results for the environment.

RLCC: It's a rush for money but also death of the soul.

Originally from Yahoo! News: Biotechnology News on February 12, 2008, 2:47pm

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