The world's largest Christian publisher announced this week that it is immediately beginning a complete transition to environmentally conscious Bible binding and practices.

Thomas Nelson Inc's Bible group is in the early stages of discontinuing the use of synthetic covers on their Bible products. The decision makes Thomas Nelson the first Bible publisher to announce a complete transition to eco-friendly Bible production.

"As a publisher of Bibles for over 200 years, Thomas Nelson has always striven to bring Scripture into people's lives while also addressing their evolving needs and concerns. We're happy to be leading the way in providing environmentally friendly Bibles in keeping with the concerns of today's consumers," commented Wayne Hastings, Senior Vice President and Group Publisher for Thomas Nelson's Bible Group, in a statement.

RLCC: Excellent. Now, let's make sure it isn't being done for PR or mammon increase but rather out of genuine love that is caring for the environment in which everyone must live (the Golden Rule!).

Originally from Christian Today on February 22, 2008, 2:33am

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