With Fairtrade Fortnight fast approaching (25 February – 9 March), Tearfund volunteers are encouraging their local communities to switch to fairtrade products, fresh from a visit to Tearcraft producers in India.

Earlier this month, development agency Tearfund gave volunteers selling their fairly traded Tearcraft products the chance to see fairtrade in action, by meeting the very people who have created the products.

The 16-person team travelled throughout India seeing the products they sell in the UK being made.

Jan Wildy, from Glasgow, has been selling Tearcraft products for more than two years and raised over £1,000 from sales.

"Fairtrade works because it makes a difference to people's lives, giving them back their self esteem and the chance to build lives free from abject poverty," said Jan.

RLCC: The trade economy is very dark relative to the giving-and-sharing economy. We could do away with money and just give and share all, as God and Jesus would rejoice in Heaven to see us all doing here on Earth and wherever humanity ever goes in the entire Universe.

Originally from Christian Today on February 22, 2008, 1:41am

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