PHILADELPHIA – The American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania filed the first three lawsuits today in a planned statewide challenge of a recent judicial declaration stating that marriages are invalid if presided over by a minister who does not regularly serve a church or preach in a physical house of worship. The ruling potentially endangers thousands of marriages in Pennsylvania.

RLCC: What is freedom of religion if people may not choose those who officiate at their religious marriages? It isn't the secular government's business. The judge who decided this case is in the dark. The judge isn't protecting the people of the state. The judge is doing a monetary favor to those who make a jealous living (money, pay, marriage fees) being clergy with physical houses of worship, something Jesus didn't have with the exception that his soul is a holy temple. According to this judge, Jesus wouldn't have qualified to do a Christian wedding. He didn't have a building or scheduled worship services, did he.

The ruling is bad and will not stand.

Originally from ACLU online newsroomACLU Newsroom on February 21, 2008, 10:05pm

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