Bad government has been good business during the Bush administration. In 1999, nine companies had federal homeland security contracts. Today the total is over 33,000. "Much of what we've seen touted by vendors after 9/11," says security consultant Doug Laird, "is nothing more than a sales force trying to use 9/11 as the hype to get poorly advised folks to buy their products."

But mismanagement and graft are just part of the story. Telecom companies' involvement in illegal government spying, outsourcing of torture to contractors, Haliburton constructed jails for mass detentions in the event of an "immigration emergency"—-are just some examples of public/private partnerships in which the private sector has a special role in advancing abuses of government power.

Matthew Rothschild's recent story in The Progressive reveals that the private sector now plays an integral role in the transformation of America into an "endemic surveillance society"...

Originally from Dollars & Sense blog on February 19, 2008, 12:14am

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