AP - Like the traffic, life moves slowly along this Cuban highway. But on Sunday, word that the country had its first new president in nearly 50 years traveled fast, and encountered a range of opinions.

The communist system provides nearly all Cubans with free housing, health care and education through college, and includes ration cards that cover basic food needs.

RLCC: Free housing, free health care, free education through college (and graduate school), and free basic food are all correct things people ought to do for each other. The only reason Cuba's system hasn't produced more is because of the U.S. economic embargo and not because giving and sharing are incorrect. The only problem with Cuba is that it, like the U.S., is coercive. People must come to the giving-and-sharing economy completely voluntarily.

Originally from Yahoo! News: World - Latin America on February 25, 2008, 2:47am

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