PR Newswire - The American Jewish Committee is dismayed by the decision of Costa Rica to establish diplomatic relations with the State of Palestine.

The timing of this decision is both odd and painful, said AJC Executive Director David A. Harris. Odd because there is not yet a Palestinian state. Painful because this action comes less than two years after President Oscar Arias moved his countrys embassy out of Jerusalem, ending Costa Ricas longstanding and courageous example of maintaining its embassy in Israels capital city.

AJC supports efforts to achieve a negotiated two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. However, premature recognition of a Palestinian state is not normal diplomatic practice, nor is it helpful to the process.

Given the fact that Costa Rica has been a shining light of democracy in Latin America, this action against another stalwart democracy, Israel, is particularly shocking, said Harris.

AJC has visited San Jose regularly over the years for meetings with government and Jewish community leaders. The main Jewish organization, Centro Zionista de Costa Rica, is an AJC international partner.

RLCC: Oscar Arias of Costa Rica needs no lessons in democracy from the likes of the American Jewish Committee that wrongly terms Israel a "stalwart democracy."

Israel is a racist state, just as was South Africa during its Apartheid era. By highly unethical means, Israel forcefully drove the Palestinian people from their homes and lands so false-Zionists could take over what they so covet. They are still at it with their expanding illegal settlements, denying Palestinians building rights and most of the basic necessities of life, and by, among other things, destroying Palestinian homes. They kill 300 Palestinians for every Israeli killed in the conflict, said Ralph Nader very recently. They're Nazi-like.

Americans need to stop avoiding calling Israeli racism and ethnic bigotry what they are: Racism and ethnic bigotry. If certain Jews don't like it, let them denounce racism and ethnic bigotry and live accordingly. Otherwise, no one should accept any of their propaganda.

Fortunately, more and more Jews are coming to their senses. They are coming forward to speak out against Apartheid Israel. That is smart, not the neocons ideology. It takes away all the supposed justification of those who themselves are ethnically bigoted against Jews.

Originally from Yahoo! News: World - Latin America on February 25, 2008, 9:08am

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