BEIJING (Reuters) - Beijing has launched a "green securities" scheme aimed at making it harder for polluters to raise capital and requiring listed firms to disclose more information about their environmental record.

The initiative is part of a drive by the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) to enlist other government agencies to give financial and economic policies a green hue.

China has adopted "green credit" and "green insurance" in recent months and has plans for "green taxation" and "green trade" to help clean up the economy.

"It will curb excessive growth in highly polluting sectors, reduce capital market risk and spur listed firms to improve their environmental performance," Pan Yue, deputy head of the watchdog, said in a statement on its Web site,, on Monday.

RLCC: The capitalist system is less entrenched in China. China is changing rapidly. China could move rapidly right on into environmentalism in a huge way.

Originally from ENN Headline News on February 26, 2008, 8:36pm

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