Huge budget deficit means millions more face starvation as global prices soar.

The United Nations warned yesterday that it no longer has enough money to keep global malnutrition at bay this year in the face of a dramatic upward surge in world commodity prices, which have created a "new face of hunger".
WFP officials say the extraordinary increases in the global price of basic foods were caused by a "perfect storm" of factors: a rise in demand for animal feed from increasingly prosperous populations in India and China, the use of more land and agricultural produce for biofuels, and climate change.

Much of the blame has been put on the transfer of land and grains to the production of biofuel. But its impact has been outweighed by the sharp growth in demand from a new middle class in China and India for meat and other foods, which were previously viewed as luxuries.

"The fundamental cause is high income growth," said Joachim von Braun, the head of the International Food Policy Research Institute. "I estimate this is half the story. The biofuels is another 30%. Then there are weather-induced erratic changes which caused irritation in world food markets. These things have eaten into world levels of grain storage.

RLCC: This is a wide-ranging article well worth reading.

The world's priorities are terrible. Everyone needs to be fed. The people need to give and share to do it. The people also need vastly to curb their sexual appetite to greatly reduce the number of babies being born. It makes no sense to have more children while those who are already here are starved to death. Meat consumption is a huge problem. The U.S. governmental subsidies to meat and dairy is a big culprit. They have it exactly backwards. Oil burning is also a big societal error that isn't being changed fast enough. There is too much obstructionism by the likes of Exxon. Bio fuels is also a gigantic poorly organized effort. Remember, the so-called free-enterprise system got the world into its current dilemma. What has been missing is the spirit of cooperation, not competition.

Everything all needs to be completely voluntary but nevertheless brought to fruition out of a new found sense of love and compassion. Nothing else will ever work. Real love, mercy, forgiveness, and the like, are the emotions that bring forth God on Earth and will heal and cure individuals and the whole of humanity, the planet, and the entirety of existence.

Originally by Julian Borger from Guardian Unlimited on February 25, 2008, 5:04pm

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