Comment is free: Polly Toynbee: No-one is suggesting banning gambling or casinos, any more than I would ban pornography, or drugs or all manner of things that might do people harm. But there is an important social difference between freedom to do what adults please if they deliberately seek out those things from regulated places - and aggressively thrusting them at everyone in everyday life. Parliament now has another chance to say no to these biggest ever casinos....

RLCC: Investing in stocks is a bet. It is a form of gambling. All capitalism is gambling on a certain level. Casinos though are designed to be sure things for the owners (like central, privatized banks). Barring what the casinos term cheating, the house always has the mundane odds on its side.

We aren't for coercively stopping gambling. Love though prevents the gambling addiction mentioned in the article.

Originally by Polly Toynbee from Guardian Unlimited on February 25, 2008, 5:05pm

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