Shrewdly, Barack Obama is promising to transform trade policies so that they do not encourage outsourcing.

...Clinton has recently criticized NAFTA — the 1993 trade policy whose lack of labor and environmental protections encourages companies to move American jobs overseas. But cheap campaign rhetoric over a few months does not make one a longtime critic — especially considering the record.

RLCC: The rabid capitalists use the term free trade against protectionism; however, labor and environmental protection are not the same as the traditional concept of protectionism. That traditional protectionism was focused more around protecting U.S. big-business within the U.S. regardless of the appalling record of big-business on labor and the environment.

When it came time for the U.S. plutocrats to venture more out into the world to take over more and more (since corporations had already swallowed up America), they started hammering the same expressions of free trade, free enterprise, and by other expressions, libertarian capitalism.

Milton Friedman was given a miniseries on PBS to put forth his free-choice lie that led to more and more environmental pollution, wage slavery, and sweatshops around the world.

There was no free choice for the common people. If the common people were to be given a free and fully informed choice, they'd choose cooperation rather than the false competition of Milton Friedman and his ilk.

The common people really want to have it in their hearts to do the right thing vis-à-vis their fellow human beings, but the rabid capitalists (the laissez faire crowd) have convinced the militaries of the world to shoot to kill if "necessary" those of the loving, compassionate, giving-and-sharing, real-Christian economy.

Originally by David Sirota from AlterNet.org on February 22, 2008, 1:00am

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