Thousands of DNA samples taken from criminals have been filed under the names of innocent people, it was revealed yesterday.

There are 550,000 false, misspelt or incorrect names on the Government's vast DNA database, which contains more than 4million samples.

That means one in every eight records is thought to be inaccurate.

The news comes as two Britons who were cleared of crimes have launched a landmark human rights challenge to have their DNA samples destroyed.

Michael Marper, 45, and a teenager identified only as "S" are seeking a ruling in Strasbourg that keeping their DNA profiles and fingerprints on record is a breach of their human rights.

RLCC: How could they make such a mess out of what they consider to be so important and helpful to solving crime? If they get this so messed up, how are they to be trusted on their so-called evidence for going to war?

Originally from legitgov on February 26, 2008, 7:24pm

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