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SACRAMENTO, (AP) — An evangelical chaplain who leads Bible studies for California lawmakers says God is disgusted with a rival fellowship group that includes people of all faiths.

"Although they are pleasant men in their personal demeanor, their group is more than disgusting to our Lord and Savior," Drollinger wrote on the Capitol Ministries' Web site.

The comments drew immediate fire from others in the capital, including the Republican lawmaker who sponsors Drollinger's Bible study group.

Drollinger said "progressive religious tolerance" is an offense against God and causes harm to its practitioners.


Sen. Darrell Steinberg, a Sacramento Democrat who will serve as Senate president pro tem next year, said he found Drollinger's statements intolerant and troubling.

"I think it's important that those of us who find those comments offensive speak loud and clear about it," said Steinberg, who is Jewish.

"There's just no place in civil society for intolerance of someone's different beliefs," Steinberg said. "It's the beauty of this country, that people have the right to practice their own faith."

This is a matter of semantical theology.

I don't know all of Drollinger's position. I do know that there is tolerance and then there is tolerance. One form, which is acceptable to Jesus, is the non-coercive approach. Jesus tolerated the Pharisees in that sense. The other is the sense in which no evil is tolerated within. That means it isn't tolerated within the individual's heart nor is it tolerated within the body of Christ that is his Church. Those who are non-believers in Jesus (Jesus's teachings, exemplary life, spirit, etc.) as the one and only path to God are not to be condoned in that. That's where the terminology separates the people.

The idea that "There's just no place in civil society for intolerance of someone's different beliefs" is totally wrong when that intolerance means not condoning or coddling harmful selfishness and cover stories masking underlying hatred for all the truth for which Jesus sacrificed his life to shine forth into the world.

People who didn't like the leveling that Jesus was teaching and demonstrating murdered him in a futile attempt to silence him. Now, Drollinger has voiced something concerning which he may not be the best messenger or example. I don't know. Nevertheless, within the proper context, Drollinger is totally correct.

If there is a group calling itself Christian or there are individuals calling themselves Christians who are meeting with non-Christians under the guise that other faiths are equally correct, then those are not real Christians. All real Christians know that only Christianity is correct. It is the only right path. All other paths fall short. They won't give credit where credit it due — to Jesus for having done God's will so well: The best.

If we are to solve the problems of the world, we must be as Jesus Christlike as possible. Being anything else won't be good enough. That's just how it is.

Originally from Democratic Underground Latest Breaking News on February 27, 2008, 6:55pm

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