Privacy campaigners say the UK has some of the world's leading surveillance systems - and they argue there is now a real failure of sufficient oversight.

Take the millions of CCTV cameras, for example. They were rolled out to deter city centre crime.

But thanks to the internet and new software that can read number plates, text and, in certain circumstances, isolate specific human behaviour, their importance is increasing ten-fold.

The question in the UK is what would happen if you took camera data and married it to other sources, such as information on the location of mobile phones, swipe cards for urban transport and static databases about you, your family and life history. That would be a pretty effective surveillance system, say critics.

Ministers say this is completely fanciful - for a start there are no plans for a supercomputer to gather this information.

[RLCC: They certainly wouldn't divulge such a plan. Also, people in so-called intelligence work are trained to lie. It's their job. They consider such to be white lies. Plato called it the noble lie. Jesus still calls it evil.

Of course they plan such supercomputers. How else are they going to make use of all the systems they are building and installing? They can't do it without supercomputers. Only supercomputers will be able to follow all individuals from camera to camera and from each biometric-identification device to the next and via satellites, etc. The Total Information Awareness society has to run on supercomputers. There is no other choice. The people in charge, the plutocrats, aren't God that they don't need human technology to pull off such awareness. Too bad it isn't real awareness that is righteousness.

In a suburb of Nikaia, Greece, a local left-wing mayor ordered workmen to paint CCTV lenses black. That's not surprising at all. What is surprising is that the common people haven't been doing such things on a mass scaled and in ways in which they can't be identified. If the fascists continue growing in strength and if more people are railroaded through the injustice system, eventually there will be massive destruction of surveillance equipment.]

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