What's the difference between the Taliban and the UCK?

Not much.

The Taliban destroyed Buddha statues, and the UCK (Kosovo Liberation Army, which unilaterally declared Kosovo "independent" this week), destroys Christian churches.

On Sept. 13, 1999, the Church
of Saints Cosma and Damian, built in 1327, was obliterated by
a bomb blast. The initials of the Kosovo Liberation Army were
painted at the site. By that time some 20 Serbian religious sites
had been blown up, including the Dormition of Mother of God parish
church, built in 1315. Another 40 others had been attacked or

NATO basically
empowered and legitimated forces that proceeded to destroy or
desecrate over 70 churches or monasteries by October 1999 (21
in the U.S. zone of responsibility). Meanwhile more than 200,000
Serbs fled the province. During the summer of 1999, 40,000 Serbs
fled Pristina.

Clinton had sent a special envoy, Robert Gelbard, to the region
in February 1998. At that time he stated that the KLA was, "without
any questions, a terrorist group" in Washington's view.

RLCC: Concerning Kosovo independence, the powers that be allow some but not others to be nationalistic. Those who are pro-Empire (the Empire: The U.S.A. for now), are allowed to be nationalistic and to declare independence, depending. Those who are anti-Empire, are not allowed. Those who are pro-Empire but not as valuable to the Empire as some other relationships, are also not allowed. Behind the scenes, the super-rich decide the fate of nation-states based upon the mammon bottomline of those rich ones. Truth though is deciding the fate of the super-rich. They better get right with the LORD; otherwise, the Satanic spirit will own them. They will be treated accordingly. Love warns.

Originally from Notes from underground on February 20, 2008, 6:31pm

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