On 1 April 2002, Maajid Nawaz was arrested in Egypt. Although a member of a vocal Islamic movement called Hizb ur-Tahrir, which calls for a totalitarian society, Maajid had not been engaged in violence in Egypt but was studying part of his Arabic degree.

He was sentenced for four years for his crime of membership of Hizb ur-Tahrir. During three years of captivity, Naajid Nawaz had time to reconsider his position and his ideology. After release, he continued in an active and high profile position within the organisation, but after a year renounced his beliefs and left the organisation.

So what happened?...

RLCC: Visit the "Originally" link immediately below to find out what happened. It's a good story. It shows the Golden Rule (the divine law) in action.

Originally by Joe from Justice and Compassion on February 19, 2008, 4:31am

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