The Chinese seem to have gone from prude to lewd at a breakneck speed, and their latest sex scandal involves Hong Kong movie stars. NAM editor Andrew Lam looks at the new sexual revolution in China. Lam is the author of "Perfume Dreams:Relections on the Vietnamese Diaspora" (Heyday Books 2005).

A new cultural revolution is underway in China, and it's all about sex.

Take the latest and biggest celebrity sex scandal that has rocked China. This month about 1,300 explicit photos have been circulating over the Internet of heartthrob Edison Chen, a 27-year-old Hong Kong hip-hop artist and actor, having sex with a dozen other starlets. Voted sexiest "newcomer" in People Magazine's 2006 Sexiest Man Alive issue, Chen has apologized and even left the continent – but his explicit photos continue to be downloaded by tens of millions of viewers in China and elsewhere. ...

RLCC: China is sliding down into decadence at hyper speed. It's what unbridled mammon always brings.

Originally by Andrew Lam from on February 28, 2008, 9:01am

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