France:  a place with a passion for all things—vintage wine, aged cheese and enduring hypocrisy. 
Case in point:  Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy's magnificent proposal that will allow French children to learn about the Holocaust in a way that could be called, "tres Ann Frank."  The young Dutch victim of Nazi inhumanity has demonstrated a perpetual draw [...]

RLCC: Is Sarkozy as concerned about Palestinian children as he is concerned for the memory of Ann Frank? He doesn't act like it.

Also, of course it is important for French children today to learn not to be brutal as Vichy France was brutal; however, it must not be suggested that all of the French people were Vichy. They were not.

Furthermore, sheltering and shielding children is not always inappropriate. It does not always indicate sinister motives. People are rightly concerned with how things are introduced to children. Awful truths can harden and turn children for the worse. The teaching to be correct must be the whole truth that includes the righteous, the giving and sharing, the peaceful, the harmless, the Christlike. Only then is it going to lead to real knowledge and be beneficial.

Originally by Lisa Reitman-Dobi from Political Mavens on March 3, 2008, 7:45pm

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