Ben Allbright's story is about a nation I don't know. It's about an America that doesn't know that torture is just plain evil and inexcusable no matter what. It's about an America where people who expose evil are shunned and threatened. It's about an America where people can call themselves Christians and really be devils. It's about an America where patriotism is not standing up for what's right but just doing what the system tells you because the other guys are evil too. It's about people who know better but don't at the same time.

I don't know these people, and they don't know me. We don't live in the same country. We aren't of the same root. Our spirits are completely divergent. We don't speak the same language. They think being a softy is bad, but Jesus was a softy in their eyes even while he was stronger than they are. None of them could muster the courage to brave the cross and insults and condemnation as Jesus did for the reasons Jesus did. What is the matter? On what lies have these people been raised? What have they been teaching each other?

The irony is that most of them come from the Bible Belt. They've heard the word but gloss over it and just move on. It doesn't work that way. You don't get to just move on. Ignoring the word means being stuck in wickedness. If one really wants to move on, to move forward, one must choose the path into the light and learn not to care about the opinions of the false-hearted, hardhearted, non-softies. Be soft-hearted. It's the only right way to be. Everything else is of the devil and will get the devil's due.

Greed, violence, and sexual harm are evil. Stop doing them. Stop rationalizing about following orders and about doing to the other people the evil you've been told they do to others. So what if some evil Muslims have beheaded people? The Jews and Romans murdered Jesus. He forgave them all for their ignorance and said to return goodness for evil and to bless them. If they cut off your head while you're consistently calling for peace, love, and truth and acting accordingly, you're shining the light and will live forever with God. If anything is worth fighting for, peace is worth giving up the flesh for the sake of the spirit.

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