I and Thou: The Road of Jewish Anti-Zionism
Written by Chris Floyd
Tuesday, 04 March 2008
It is of course a sad fact that many people who call themselves "anti-Zionists" are, when you peel back enough layers, actually racists who hate Jews in general, and ascribe any sinister acts perpretrated by individual Jewish people or oganizations to some sort of racial, genetic or cultural taint that pervades the entire group. I've gotten emails from many such folks over the years, who begin the exchange with justified blasts at war criminals like Paul Wolfowitz and Ariel Sharon and end up with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a wholesale, often word-for-word re-write by the Tsarist security services of a French satirical novel that had nothing to do with Jews), Rothschilds under the bed, the whole schmeer.

Yet it is equally true that many people are, genuinely, anti-Zionist, with no quotation marks required, and no secret hatreds simmering beneath the surface. And a great many of these anti-Zionists are Jews. In fact, as is well known, some of the most vigorous and unflinching denunciations of Israel's horrendous policies — recently on savage display in Gaza — are leveled by Jews.

One such vigorous and unflinching voice has been that of Mike Marqusee. Although he is an American writer, Marqusee seems to be more well-known on the other side of the water, in particular as a frequent contributer to the Guardian's opinion pages. (He has also written extensively – and well – on Bob Dylan, among many other topics.) Today the Guardian has an excerpt from Marquesee's newest book, If I Am Not for Myself: Journey of an Anti-Zionist Jew. In it, Marqusee tells of his transition from the comfortable bastions of Jewish life in suburban America – with their ingrained belief in the indelible, unchallengeable, intertwined goodness and exceptionalism of the United States and Israel – to his embrace of anti-Zionism as " part of a larger opposition to racism," including the racism now being written on the bodies of the Palestinians. The whole book excerpt is well worth reading, especially the passages on Marqusee's upbringing, but the clip below has special resonance in light of the recent intensification of the on-going carnage is Israel's occupied terrorities:

Today, as cracks show in the presumed monolith of Jewish backing for Israel, increasing numbers of Jews are....

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