When thinking about doing laundry and how to least impact the environment, the main things we need to reduce are energy consumption and pollution. Follow these tips to get you on this path, as well as to protect the health of you and your family.

Reduce Energy Consumption:
As far as energy is concerned, about 90% of the energy used for washing clothes is for heating the water. (Info from The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office of the U.S. Department of Energy.) To reduce the amount of energy used for washing clothes—use less water and use cooler water. Unless you're dealing with oily stains, the warm or cold water setting on your machine will generally do a good job of cleaning your clothes. Switching the temperature setting from hot to warm can cut a load's energy use in half.

Every Day Laundry Tips
• Wash your clothes in cold water using cold-water detergents whenever possible.
• Wash and dry full loads. If washing a small load, use the appropriate water-level setting.
• Dry towels and heavier cottons in a separate load from lighter-weight clothes.
• Don't over-dry your clothes. If your machine has a moisture sensor, use it. ...

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