Today, I downloaded MSIE 8 Beta 1 (Microsoft Internet Explorer) for web developers and designers. Then, I had to roll back to IE 7. Roll back is also referred to inaccurately as "uninstall" or "remove" and several other terms. I've used those terms here to aid search engines in finding this post, because this post could help people who might otherwise be stuck wondering what to do.

If your IE 8 isn't working, you're here via a different computer or partition or browser or something. If you've already tried rolling back and have run into problems, I can't help you with that. I rolled back and experienced zero problems. I will say though that during both the install/upgrade and roll-back of IE 8, I had my virus and Internet protection disabled.

So, some people are simply wondering what this "roll-back" is and how to do it. I'm using Windows XP. For those using Vista, I can't say if the terminology will be the same, but I would imagine things haven't changed so radically that this information would prove completely useless.

Rolling back in this case is to revert back to the previous installed version of IE (7 for me). 8 builds on 7, so maybe it isn't even possible to jump from 5 or 6 right to 8. Anyway, in your Control Panel (if you don't know how to get there, you can always go to Windows Help and Support in your Windows Start Menu and enter Control Panel) you'll find "Add or Remove Programs." Click on that and wait for it to populate (show all your programs). There are several options on the screen, but if you scroll down to the "M's" (it's alphabetical unless you choose to sort another way), you'll find the MSIE 8 upgrade. Now, this is where you should have become cautious and wondered what clicking the remove button would do. Would it remove all IE? Then what? "Would I lose all my settings and favorites and everything?" That may be why you're here.

The answer is that when you click on the remove button (poorly named in this case), you will be given a pop-up window where you will be relieved to find that you are being given the option of uninstalling only the upgrade and not the whole of IE. Consequently, after you click that option and wait (a long time) and then reboot (which I had to do manually in spite of the Microsoft checkbox for restarting), your IE should be back to 7, which happened in my case.

You may find some Windows shortcuts around where you don't want them. I found two in my Launch area. They don't hurt anything, but you might want to delete them. I did.

That's it. I hope this helps.

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    • Why the change - just Beta testing because you can ? ( not that I haven't ). I found Avant an interesting IE-based build if you're really that bored.

    • Hey John,

      Oh, Microsoft said things about their new version that indicate that they may actually be trying to innovate rather than copy and then run the company they copy (usually poorly) out of business.

      Everybody old enough to remember or who has read the history knows that Bill Gates is a monopolist. He copied Apple that copied Xerox. Then he did a whole lot of agreements in restraint of trade setting up Microsoft as a trust that Teddy Roosevelt (the trust-busting, Progressive, Republican president: Imagine that) would have busted up in a second. He cut volume deals on his weak and buggy operating-system clone with manufacturers provided they would give him an exclusive. (Of course, Apple was loopy not to go open-systems with their OS to block Gates.) That cut out his competition, hence the illegal "agreements in restraint of trade" description.

      He calls it innovation when he copies the work of others and/or buys up real innovators and then doesn't bring their work to market. We also know that he pushes the envelope as far as possible in avoiding writing Microsoft programs to meet the standards. He always wants his version to be proprietary.

      He was an extremely greedy capitalist who ruined others, made software worse in general and who didn't give away a penny until Ted Turner embarrassed him into it and his PR people told him he had to give money away or people would really start moving to other software just on account of his stinginess.

      Now he gives away billions but only in ways that reinforce the system that put him in place. If he were to give billions to the Christian Commons, I'd finally be positively impressed. He would never do that though because the Christian Commons is the exact thing that will displace the entire system that put him in place.

      He's received huge mainstream media coverage because the corporatists are interlocking. They aren't about to do what's right. They just hypnotize people with advertising and brainwash them. Dumbing down is how they stay on top, which is really the bottom of the barrel.

      Anyway, the social networking scene is a time-drain. The new version of IE is supposed to allow one to automate more of it.

      I've cut way back on the "social networking." It's too popularity-based: Lowest common denominator and highly controlled via algorithms written by people who hate the real message of Jesus and seek to, and do, block it. Social networking, as it is, isn't substantive. I don't want to be popular that is right now so much to do with capitalist market-share (greedy). I want to be right. I want people to want the giving and sharing economy and to bring it forth outside the worldly imperialist system.

      When right becomes popular, then things will finally be set right.


    • I confuse easily. What are we doing if not social networking ?

      DOS was written for MacIntosh, no ? Microsoft hijacked work written for Apple. Imitation was MS - not the other way around.

      It isn't just 'getting out the word'. Peoples' mindsets are canalized so badly by societal conditioning it really is a job of work to break them out of programmed assumptions. Take a quick look at my Overton Window section if you haven't done so.Framing is a grievous assault on reason and logic.

      The lady at LastLeftTurnB4Hooterville has written a book on it ! Mind Control is no joke !

    • Hi John,

      In the way in which you mean (are using) the term "social networking," you are absolutely right that we are social networking. To clarify and clear up the semantics, I was referring to the Web 2.0 (whatever that is; a nebulous concept as far as I can tell) way the term is used. When I'm not thinking in tech-speak, I definitely think of social networking in its plain-language, self-evident sense. We are being social and our communicating is networking. The technology in general is a networking tool. So, I'm on the same page with you. Neither of us is confused.

      What I'm meant in my previous comment is that I'm spending more time writing content and less time "Digging" posts or adding friends or contacts on Facebook or MyBlogLog and that sort of thing. I trust you understand.

      If I were to submit every one of my posts to all the "social networking services," I'd hardly write a post. I'm relying upon the major search engines to bring the traffic right now. I don't spend time tagging or categorizing or submitting, etc. It remains to be seen yet if just focusing on content will do just as well in generating interest in the principal reason I'm on line, which is the Christian Commons Project™.

      People come and read and in general don't comment or link from serious blogs (spam blogs, yes). What I'm writing comes up against the years and decades of operant conditioning to which people have been subjected by the consumer society. That's an understatement of course. They are in a constant hypnotic trance, literally. I agree. It's no joke.

      As for Apple, it is my understanding that Xerox developed the first graphical user interface with trashcan icons and that sort of thing, which Apple followed on. Then Microsoft move from a command-line OS to Windows and simply borrowed (some would say misappropriated or stole) the so-called intellectual property from Apple. Apple wasn't allowed to maintain patent rights (if they had patented it) on their user interface concept (icons and such), even though it wasn't truly "obvious." Apparently, if something is obvious, it isn't patentable.

      How Microsoft pulled it off is insider info.

      I'll take a look at your "Overton Window section" for sure.

      I understand what you mean when you say, "It isn't just 'getting out the word'." I've thought about this subject area a great deal. It took a while for the reason why Jesus handled things the way he did to make sense to me. He didn't do anything but tell stories and then let it be. Those who got it signified. Those who didn't, which included those who thought of themselves as intellectuals, followed each other blindly into the ditch. Jesus didn't intervene. He didn't run panicked out in front of them trying to snap them out of it. The worthy were just sorted out by the words of truth he spoke. One either hears the truth and loves it or not. One either knows the truth when he hears it or not.

      My understanding is that once the whole human race has heard enough fairly to be sorted, then judgment will come. Of course, that sentence is loaded with terms each with a range of connotations. Those calling themselves Fundamentalists won't look at it the way I do. They look at it like viewing a movie in their heads. It's all been scripted by their theologians who have interpreted everything for them building up over the centuries. I don't buy that movie because their theologians worked from false premises (violence), and if they had gotten it right, they would have turned people to bringing forth. Now it's that much more difficult. People lack faith right now more than at any time since Jesus walked the Earth.

      Of course, faith in what is the critical question. Just any old faith won't do. No faith won't do it either. It has to be the narrow way. Few there be that find it.


    • Hey John,

      Your URL hasn't been right in your comments. You might have to kill your cookie or at least see if it will update once you use the right URL. When you go to enter another comment, look at the URL and manually fix it if it's wrong. Then look at what it's sticking in the URL field text box to see if the cookie updated to the correct spelling. I found that it has been oldehartte rather than oldephartte (missing the "p"). I'm about to do a global search and replace in my database tables to fix it here. That won't change your cookie though.


    • Hi John,

      Check out the following linked post.

      "Make sure you can speak freely," by Bill Thompson. New Statesman. April 22, 2008.

      It uses "social networking" in the language of Web 2.0. That may help put it into context for you in terms of how I used it in my first comment above.

      It also reminds me of what happened to you with

      God bless.


    • Thanks for the heads-up on the URL. I had to change it for this comment.

      Scholars & Rogues changed just before my episode because they heard WordPress had cut sites. For me, a place that ran promos of WordPress websites seemed like a ditzy thing to cut. It's non-profit and no charge.

      WordPress and I owe each other nothing, however.A flat note of violation of TOS is hard to understand : but their call.

      The only thing that bugged me was a private comment from a Reich-Winger that 9/11 investigation was hurtful to the bereaved. I wondered if that drivel precipitated the action.

      The forced change spurred a reorganization which I mostly prefer to the old layout.

      I've been considering Blogger, though. More bells and whistles.

      The belief system people use is a socially-based construct. Challenging its inconsistencies sounds like what is being referred to in the parable of the talents. After all, if policy is not sound, how can implementation work ?

    • Hello John,

      "...a Reich-Winger that 9/11 investigation was hurtful to the bereaved." Yes, I saw that argument in a BBC documentary. I instantly concluded it was lame, neocon psyops.

      "The belief system people use is a socially-based construct. Challenging its inconsistencies sounds like what is being referred to in the parable of the talents." How would you explain that to a laissez-faire capitalist?

      I've had such people come here and use the parable of the talents to argue that Jesus is for capitalism. I pointed out that the parable is an analogy. We are given the word. What do we do with it? How much have we spread it? How much have we lived it? What have we brought forth, good fruit or rotten? I've also explained to them that Jesus cleansed the temple of commerce and that the real temple is now everywhere we (Christians) are. The kingdom is within he said. I've told them that there isn't any money in Heaven and that everyone eats the real bread (spiritual truth) for free. We are also to feed the lambs and sheep of the flock (all our fellow Christians) and we are to feed and clothe, etc., the hungry and naked regardless of their religion.

      The laissez-faire capitalists hate this of course (they hate Jesus since they hate what he taught). They won't continue debating. They give up, refuted.

      I would be interested in hearing you elaborate on how the parable sounds like a challenge to inconsistency. How do you put it?

      God bless.


    • Surely the putative "laissez-faire capitalist" must be the most vulnerable of all to the challenge of "capital investment" deserving suitable implementation/remuneration from the recipient to the donor or his proxy, i.e. the community.

      Since that position is only a fictional convenience, of course, the 'logical outcome' never gains traction.

      Some arguments are impossible to 'win' because they contend with illusion and wilful deceit - which does not care to concede a fair and true outcome.

    • Hello John,

      So, let-do capitalism is a fake, and capitalism shouldn't be the system. Also, capitalists are false-hearted and therefore (unless they have a change of heart) will never do what is right.

      That about sums it up. That's exactly Jesus's position.


      P.S. Did the cookie update to reflect the spelling change you made?

    • It looks as though the cookie updated, from what I can see on the preview pane.

      Currency as valuata really slays me. It has no intrinsic guaranteed value, being non-convertable into physical property. In addition, games have been played interfering with bank deposits held by foreigners - this by specie that proclaims itself international legal tender. Ha ! It isn't even issued by the government !

      Tell me again why North Koreans,Iraqis, Iranians or anyone else would support Monopoly Money I.O.U.'s subject to the whim of hostile foreigners guilty of DEFAULTING - in preference to, say, a Euro. That's what I call 'freezing assets' : breaking trust. I surely can't see any explanation convincing someone who has received nothing for something that he wasn't robbed.

      Perhaps answering that question might aid in understanding why foreigners are treating the U.S. buck more like toilet paper daily.

      The Fed, having established for itself the prerogative of issuing 'money', is now a monopoly whose sole 'product' has been made singularly useless.

      You may say, indeed, that we live in 'interesting times'.

      What we have isn't even capitalism - it's been turned into a game so badly rigged only desperation continues any sort of function whatsoever.

    • I enjoyed reading this talk between you gents. You know, it's fascinating that I was talking about these same topics today with a guy at my work. We were discussing the control of the flow of positive knowledge, and how it is becoming more distorted, controlled, and perversely manipulated.

      The real kicker is, what entity, or entities, would possibly want a system that was run out of control of information and a doctrine of fear, lies, manipulation, power, greed, sex, and flat out lies?

      "If you'll open your book to revelations..."

      • Hi Ben,

        This is exactly why I like leaving comments open on what WordPress calls older posts.

        You are absolutely right. All real Christians know that the god of this worldly world is the proverbial Satan.

        When I say "proverbial," I don't means that people should take that as not literal. The plutocrats are right now satanic. They are literally and figuratively of that fold. They are that spirit incarnate. What's so difficult for people to grasp? Just because some greedy, warmongering, sexually perverted televangelists use the term or name "Satan" doesn't mean it's not a valid name or concept. It's completely valid.

        From your comment, you might be interested in nosing around this site more and becoming a regular commentator. We have to continue the process of turning the tied around here. I've had more and more positive commentary, and the dark side really hates it. They were hoping against hope that the things said here wouldn't attract another soul. They came early and in force trying to deflate my spirit. The challenge helped.

        So, tell us about Diblab. Is that your JavaScript handiwork?

        Also, what attracted you? Was it a search on IE 8?

        Glad to have you.

        After the thread above, to have someone comment from a Biblical standpoint who doesn't want to crucify me is refreshing.



    • Tom,

      I found your site because I was searching for infromation on compatibility between ie6, ie7, and ie8 for my site. This is because of the very stupid .png transparencies, and css properties not displaying, and some new javascript methods not working in ie6.... Basically I was fed up, and even went as far as to rollback from ie8 to ie7, and then I found out your site was Christian.

      I feel that people have awoken to what is happening. They have woken up to realizing that they are sheep in the consumer herd instead of God's herd. "You need to update for this to work because we make crap that makes you follow us. Don't bother following the freeware / open source movement, they are just a bunch of hippie dreamers with no monetary support.".

      I am sick of it. Yes, Diblab is my site. I hope you enjoy it. The idea of it is to provide search engines as what they are, and allow people to search what they like from a higher point. When registered, you can also add your own search engines based on search strings, given, you replace the searchstring term with "diblab".

      example http://:" target="_blank">:

      This isn't to get search engine ranking, but rather how I built it. I might go back and change it soon.

      There are also video tutorials on that site.

      I am not providing pornography or piracy links on there, but have contemplated torrents because companies like SUN use them....

      It's odd to me that it takes the market failing to subside zombified consumerism. Now suddenly, more people are embracing Firefox. I smell dynamic change in the air on a larger level myself.

      What are your thoughts?

      - Ben

      • Hi Ben,

        I'll try Diblab some more. I suppose users would want to know about logging and privacy, etc. I see your page. As you probably know, there's Scroogle Scraper that purports to run searches through Google but with scraping away any identifying info traceable to the user. Maybe you could link up with them. It's like an onion router.

        I see that you aren't framing Google, etc. That's wise.

        Personally, I don't care what Google tracks in my search habits. I even search on Google while logged in to Google. What are they going to do?

        It's not that I'm in favor of all the mass-media trends where the youth are being subconsciously conditioned by the plutocrats into accepting fascism. I'm adamantly opposed to fascism. What I know though is that nothing, absolutely nothing, is hidden from God. I know this firsthand without any doubt whatsoever! I also know what Jesus means by "secret."

        Yes, there is dynamic change coming. You and I are helping it along right here.

        I look forward to a fruitful dialogue. If you know others who are likeminded or just leaning possibly in the right direction, let them know about this site and the CCP (not Chinese Communist Party).

        I'm a communist but no Marxist, far, far from it (total pacifism, you know?).

        Peace Ben,


    • Tom,

      I am very glad to have made your aquaintance. It's very important that people realize who Jesus truly was. He was not a mechanoid perfect robot sent to establish a nazi state system.

      "5 And when you make your prayers, be not like the false-hearted men, who take pleasure in getting up and saying their prayers in the Synagogues and at the street turnings so that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, They have their reward. 6 But when you make your prayer, go into your private room, and, shutting the door, say a prayer to your Father in secret, and your Father, who sees in secret, will give you your reward."

      We live in this day and age it would seem, but yet we are not their judge, so we should not direct hateful feelings towards them, simply because we must also love thy enemies, in hopes of them returning to the tree of life instead of the sides of the pit.

      Yes, I realize with making Diblab, I could end up dead in a ditch somewhere, but I also realize that now is the time to have courage and do the things for God while we can.

      Remember the part in the bible where it says "You will be seen as men with an affliction or madness.". Something similar to that in Revelations. It's occuring. I don't go out to bars, I don't smoke anymore. I stopped looking at porn. I repented and bought all of the software I had pirated, and suddenly I hear actual Demons around me. The scientific/current term is of course "auditory self induced halucinations.", but I can now see, and it's amazing, but also painful.

      Hell, they may have me locked up for writing this blog. Now of course if I am part of an "organized" church, I can talk about demons all day simply because I went to Oxford and got my demon degree?

      What is occuring is the attempted caging of the dove. The freedom to educate ourselves and grow in light instead of appeal to a system that pushes evolution, and slowly takes "in god we trust" off of their money.....

      This of course, links to the long discussion of the occult, secret societies, degrees, and other "fraternities", yet we must ask ourselves - "aren't we all brothers and sisters of existence?"

      - Best

      - Ben

      • Hi Ben,

        I'm working from a list of things to do, which includes time to earn the dreaded mammon. Otherwise, I would have gotten to your comment-submission sooner. Thank you for understanding.

        Well, there is hate and then there is hate. There is a love/hate relationship. This is why Jesus's parables confuse so many people who won't take the time to consider the contexts and connotations and how those change from parable to parable. They won't soften their hearts enough to comprehend. Many are mortified at the thought of comprehending because they know deep down inside they would have to change. They don't believe they'd make it. Therefore, they pretend that pretending will gain them a pass. It won't.

        Why could Diblab result in your ending up dead in a ditch? Diblab doesn't seem to be doing anything the various browsers don't do. As for Scroogle, perhaps they are violating Google on account of returning the results outside Google. I remember reading about Google considering that a copyright violation. Scroogle has been up and running though for a long time. Surely Google has waived any right to go after Scroogle. Oh well, that's all mundane garbage anyway.

        So, you "hear actual Demons." You hear voices that others who are right next to you don't hear. Is that what you mean, or do you hear them only when you're alone?

        Do you want them to stop?

        Science assumes that average is healthy.

        As for evolution, there is evolution in the mundane. Nevertheless, nothing exists without God's forbearance. Also, such evolution does not preclude the metaphysical/purely spiritual or its power over matter and mundane energy and forces.

        The Earth does revolve around the Sun, for instance. You know that. The Roman Catholic Church was wrong to insist otherwise. Of course, there is a place where the Earth is the center of it all and all things revolve around it. It's relative. You know that too.

        Here's something they won't like hearing. God can change the past. You heard it here. I'm at liberty to tell you.

        Jesus was here in the flesh every bit as much as you are or I am human here and now. He was and is also the fulfillment of the aspirations of myths. Jesus is where the figurative and literal meet. He is and isn't Horus, depending.

        Don't worry about them taking "In God We Trust" off Caesar's mammon. They never trusted in God. Having God's name on mammon is blasphemous. Besides, money is going to disappear anyway. There is no money in the real New Heaven and Earth.

        We are all real brothers and sisters only if we will. Satan is and isn't Jesus's brother. Think about it. It's a fact. Now that could get you killed in the flesh and the dead flesh thrown in a ditch. If you really believe and therefore really do the works, your ghost will go to Heaven anyway.

        No fear!

        Peace, Love, and Truth: One,


    • Tom,

      Thanks for the response. Just to clear up what I mean by demons - let's say I am at a coffee shop, and my mind begins to drift into naked pics of women. Now of course, we are told this is "natural", but I have learned to instinctively fight it off and focus on something productive. Strangely enough, I literally hear "we hate you", either next to me, or seemingly inside of my mind.

      It sounds horrible, but I ignore it. I am of the belief this is what is happening on earth. Why the sudden jump in medicating people? "Hearing voices in your head? Take these!".... As if drugs are the solution, and self improvement and prayer isn't.

      What I meant by the ditch comment was in the fact that it makes knowledge much more accessible, and I've heard there's a group of people who want that not to happen... Of course it's all up to God, unless we are in the time when he isn't here, and testing the loyal.....

      I have a horus tattoo, strangely I ran into the same coincidence between horus and Jesus. I felt Jesus was literally "the only dude who gave a dang", and that was his message.... It was very linear and non-complex.... Love one another, thank God for what is in front of your eyes, and take care of one another when one is down.

      We've strayed so far from helping one another, and the church has become a place where people have to give money instead of wisdom and love. The riches Christ spoke of were those of life, and not of money, so the tithing spoken of would symbolically be caring/guidance of another church member.

      I know what you mean about the "faking it" bit... I was at a church and asked the question about Christs comment on not going to buildings and synagogues to find God, but looking on your own... no valid response.

      Only "Well, there are **MANY** ways to take the bible..." You know that one?

      I felt like saying "Well, there are *MANY* way to pervert the word of God, and bend truth...".

      I haven't gone since.... God is EVERYWHERE. Not in just a building.

      • So, Ben,

        You came in on a search about IE8. Have you looked around?

        The Christian Commons Project is the thrust. A short version is the homepage right now.


    • Dick London

      Thank you for giving me the confidence to Unistall IE8.

      My PC obviously doesn't have the power to run IE8

      • Hello Dick,

        You are welcome. I am running IE8 now. It seems to be much better than was the beta version. I don't use it but for testing this site to see how IE users will see the site. It is the fussiest of the browsers when it comes to laying out a webpage using the div tag and css rather than the old tables method, which worked really well but apparently took longer to load, hence the change on this site from tables to div/css. IE8 is much faster than IE7 or 6 though. I wonder why your PC can't run it. I'm on a weak (economy) laptop.



    • I'm glad you did leave comments open. So many don't realize that 'conversations' online can be extremely disjointed with regards to time.
      might help ensure compatibility - or make testing easier.

      Not that I can talk. I have done absolutely none.

      Offside, I found Nepmak200 at Opera fascinating talking software. Old programmers have a different viewpoint! I also followed the 'Speak Freely' link. It's something I've thought of - self hosting.I do have a local provider eager to do it too. But the demand is scarcely there. Unlike you, feedback is at a minimum at my place : different orientation. I think I would miss community feedback more than I would appreciate securing what is daily becoming a more obsolete and obscure approach to blogging.

      • By "Speak Freely," are you saying that you are considering going to voice blogging? I've seen voice and video commenting systems. I though no longer have a microphone and had to give up my various higher-powered computers about the time I was going to start using video.

        As for the Microsoft program, my free program already lets me just click different buttons to preview in each main browser. I've looked at the DOM stuff too, and it can be a real time waster for a low-traffic site. Shaving a millisecond for me becomes a waste in terms of cost/benefit. I've shaved about everything that I can. It did help, but I had to give up many JavaScript features.

        Frankly, I don't think that people who visit the blog care. The only time I was really high-traffic was when I was with Entrecard (before they banned me for standing up to one of their announced atheist moderators). That traffic though was mostly junk — as many seconds as it took to click the button on the Entrecard widget and then on to the next Entrecard blog.

        There were some fellow bloggers who really did consider some of what I wrote. It's when I received the most comments. They weren't though really interested in getting at the root cause.

        Nothing developed into a lasting relationship though that I can tell right now. It's all too traffic driven. It's all about being seen and not about asking, seeking, knocking, etc., together.

        People appear to me to be banned together at points along the false ideological spectrum. Anything above that is denied.

      Goofed on his name - so there's the link. Talks a mean talk on 'Divinity' too! No fan of the Xianists.