Like many Christians I get information on our Persecuted Church "family" worldwide, and like many, am utterly shocked at times by the way Christians in Islamic countries are treated. All are considered 2nd class citizens and openly so, but many others are equally openly persecuted dreadfully with fe ...

RLCC: That's from an article most people would do well to read. I left a comment there as follows:

I share nearly all of your views expressed in this post. I have written similarly on the Real Liberal Christian Church website. My take differs though in a number of areas. I'm not as easy on historical "Christianity" as characterized in the Western mainstream. People have done huge evils in the name of Jesus Christ. While Mohammed certainly was in error, we must set the record straight that what has been passed off in most cases (nearly all) as Christianity is not Heaven bound either. In addition, Bush was completely insincere about Saddam and Afghanistan. He went in for among other reasons, Empire, oil, and to further the neocon agenda. He knew full well that Saddam was hamstrung and contained and had nothing to do with 9/11. He lied to take the world to war for material gain for his ilk.

I'm not judging or condemning him. I pray he turns. The important thing is that people stop following his awful lead and realize that George W. Bush is not in the least a Christian.

God bless,

Tom Usher

Radical Christianity on March 13, 2008

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