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You've done some really deep soul searching to be able to express yourself as you have here. The whole of humanity needs to do the same thing. We need universal repentance. We need for all of us to realize that we are each and all in dire need of forgiveness. We all need to forgive each other and realize we all have been subjected to temptations that we each have offered up. It has to be understood full-circle. Spirit is everywhere. It is within and without. Which spirit we give out from within us defines us as being either goodness and light or evil and darkness. We must arrive at the point where we don't hate each other for the worst things we've done but rather forgive, do away with bitterness, and rise never to sink into utter depravity again. That's what is in store for us if we will follow the prophecy. We must end all greed, violence, and depravity. As humanity, we must give and share freely as God gives and shares now even with the most evil. We must turn the other cheek always and forever. We must do away with coercion and freely choose God and the path to God that Jesus speaks and demonstrates. We must do no harm. We must learn more and more what is harmful and overcome the urges to fall into doing what hurts others. We must become the unselfish spirits we are capable of becoming.

I'm glad I was led to your blog. I'm glad to know there are souls out there who are thinking as you are.

As you may see from my comment, I think singlegirlsearching is headed in the right direction. She's obviously working on facing reality. We will all do better and finally best when we are all speaking truth to ourselves and acting accordingly. This is the path for doing away with the dreaded hypocrisy. God and Jesus are not hypocritical. They are one: Consistent; beyond corruption.

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