Posted on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 — 5 years from the beginning of U.S. military strikes against Iraq. It's the fifth anniversary of that despicable action sold to the American people and the world based upon blatant and transparent lies by people with huge greed, violence, and depravity in their hearts. It was a major historical sin that has dragged on and on due to the evil in the hearts of those who could have prevented it, who could have put a stop to it anytime during the last five years, and who could stop it now. We pray: May they see the light, turn, repent, atone, and not backslide. May all forgive all, as each requires forgiveness, understanding, compassion, and kindness. Otherwise, how may they escape damnation?

We've covered ecumenism and syncretism extensively on the RLCC site. They are major errors. George W. Bush certainly is all over the map, and never seems to be able to express his spiritual beliefs in any depth. He's said some things that just run so contrary to other things he's said he believes. I won't belabor it, but he said for instance that he wasn't sure whether a person may choose not to engage in homosexuality. He was asked in a debate whether homosexuality is a choice. He said he didn't know. Of course, people are born with varying levels of different hormones; however, we are to overcome the flesh (faith alters what is manifest or brought forth). Getting there is a mystery on a certain level, but heading in that direction is correct. He also said that concerning whether or not the choices he is making as President will prove out historically, he won't know since he'll be dead. That's saying he's dead of the Holy Spirit, since one who talks as George did then and there just can't be talking about life as Jesus speaks about life (real life all the way to eternal righteousness).

The consequences of being a war-maker versus a blessed peacemaker have to be understood as negative versus positive. We must be sure right now that George's choices are negative means to a never-ending negative end (paradoxical but true); otherwise, we know nothing of God's righteousness and Jesus is wrong about peace and harming no one through greed, violence, or sex.

I once was a dyed-in-the-wool, so-called liberal Democrat. Now I'm a Christian working not to be so in name only. Republican and Democrat, false conservative and false liberal, all is of the divided house of the satanic spirit that will not stand. There is only one real house (one real, good government), and it surely isn't Democrat or Republican and never will be no matter what people try to do or for whom they vote.

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