AP - Every evening, a 45-car train rumbles away from the Clark Fork River, loaded not with copper, gold or silver ore, but with the toxic legacy of more than a century of mining: tons of contaminated mud from behind an old dam.

RLCC: It's great they're cleaning it up. It's too bad though that people are still destroying the planet with all their Mountain-Top Removal for mining. It's sheer evil (selfish, greedy, violent, harmful, depraved) that will haunt humanity. Only antichrists are doing it. If you call yourself a Christian and are doing such Mountain-Top Removal work or any other of the things that you could stop doing that are destroying the Earth, you're a boldface liar. Don't call yourself a Christian. Don't lie. You're not a Christian. It isn't possible to be a Christian and be doing what you're doing. There's no Golden Rule in it. There's no Good Samaritanism in it. Face the facts. Search your soul. Turn and repent before it's too late for you. How will you escape damnation if you don't? How can you possibly truly love anyone and still be doing this: Destroying his or her home?

Originally from Yahoo! News: U.S. News on March 18, 2008, 12:45pm

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